Surrender a Pug

If you own or know of a pug that needs rescue, please call our Surrender Line number at: 321-948-8932.

You will also be asked to complete our surrender form below. If you need to surrender more than one pug, please complete a separate online form for EACH pug.

Once you submit the form(s), one of our volunteers will call or email you as soon as possible, or at the latest, within 24 hours.

If you do not hear from one of our volunteers either by email or a phone call within 24 hours after submitting the surrender form, please call our Surrender Line number at: 321-948-8932. If you do not get an answer, please leave a message. Please understand that we will work as quickly as we can to help your pug(s). We do not have a facility and each pug that comes into our rescue is fostered in our volunteers’ personal homes. Please be patient while we try to help you and your pug.

NOTE: If you are unable to complete our surrender form OR if it is an URGENT situation, please call our Surrender Line number at: 321-948-8932. If there is no answer, please leave a message, and one of our volunteers will return your call as soon as possible, or at the latest, within 24 hours.

This form is used to surrender your pug(s) to Pug Rescue of Florida, Inc. in order that your pug(s) ultimately is placed in a new home. We want this transition to be as painless and easy on your pug(s) as possible. The information given in this form will be used to assist us in the proper course of medical treatment, if needed, and in finding the very best home for your pug(s). It is not used to determine whether or not we will help you. Please do not hide any medical conditions from us. We will take your pug(s).

Date: *
Current Vet info: (Please contact your Vet and give them permission to release info to PROoF) If you have no pets at this time, please give the name and information of the Vet that you last used for your previous pets.
Veterinarian's Phone: *
Address: *
Date of last visit: *
Reason for visit: *
Vet records provided? *

Please have your vet(s) fax us the records to 888-255-4971

Pug's name: *
Is pug a mix?*
If yes, what mix?
Dog's age: *
Dog's sex: *
Is dog spayed or neutered? *
Color: *
Where did you get the dog? *
Why are you surrendering this dog? *
By what date do you need to surrender the dog? *
Name of heartworm preventative you use and the date last applied: *
Name of flea preventative you use and the date last applied: *
Type of food currently feeding, fequency fed, and amount at each feeding: *
Please check the boxes below that are true*
Please use the Additional Information portion of this form to tell us about any health problems your dog may have or if it is in need of special veterinary attention. Please do not feel you need to leaveanything out. We want to know and we will help your pug regardless of their age or medical condition. Additional Information about your pug (s):*
A donation of this amount will be made to Pug Rescue of Florida:
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Select the circle below: I hereby attest that I am the rightful and lawful owner of the above described dog that I am surrendering to PROoF. I hereby make available for adoption, the named pug(s) above to PROoF. I certify that I have not willfully concealed any information about the pug(s). The information I have provided about this pug(s) is true and complete. I hereby forever release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify PROoF, its Directors, members, officers and agents from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action or liability of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of, or in connection with, the adoption of the above named pug(s)*
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