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Pug Rescue of Florida is known for taking in pugs that wouldn't have a chance anywhere else. Our commitment to provide thorough medical care for our rescued pugs goes above and beyond standard rescue protocol. 

Sometimes when we bring a pug into our care, we find out they have a life-limiting medical condition. For those pugs who are expected to live only a few months, they will remain with us to comfortably live out their lives as Hospice Pugs. 

These pugs live with a real family, sleep in a warm bed, eat the best foods and experience unconditional love. Each is provided with the very best medical care and kept pain-free. They experience "pug life" as it is meant to be. 

For these foster families, providing Hospice Care for a pug is a special commitment. And these foster families want these pooches to have the best time of their lives. So, each Hospice Pug has created their very own Bucket List! 

Won't you help a dying pug check items off his bucket list? You can help by sponsoring a Hospice Pug or one of their Bucket List items.  There is a link below to donate -- if you would like your donation to go to a specific pug please note that with your donation.

Or if you can make one of the PRICELESS items happen, please contact us


Foster a Hospice Pug

If you are interested in providing foster care for a Hospice Pug for the last several months or more of their life, complete a Foster Application today. 

As with all foster assignments, PROoF will cover all medical expenses for pugs in Hospice Care. 

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Spunky doesn’t even begin to describe Mekko! 

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Lily Jade


Lily Jade “Jade” was kept in a cage for more than three years. 

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Lexie C


Rescued from a shelter, 11 year olf Lexie has multiple health issues, but she's as sweet as can be and has a great appetite. 

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Princess Leia


This little girl is a true fighter! She survived neglect and abuse and now is being treated like the princess she really is.

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Sponsor a Hospice Pug

Your support and contributions will help a hospice pug check an item off his/her bucket list and/or pay for their ongoing medical care. 

If you would like to contribute to a specific pug or bucket list item please make a note on the Paypal donation form. 

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Hug Pugs to our Hospice Sponsors

We would like to thank our amazing sponsors:

Daisy Diaz

Lisa Howard

Hannah Salazar

Jane Byers