Tori – Adopted

Tori Post

Tori is the pug that all pug lovers dream of, so we understand if you need to stop reading her bio to fill out an application. Ok, are you back? Great!!!

Tori is beyond adorable with the sweetest little face, a spunky personality, plus she wants nothing more than hang out with her people.  One of the neatest things about Tori is the way that she leans up against you when you pet her or hold her. She’s sure to get her cuddles in, and did we mention that she gives the BEST Pug hugs ever! Tori loves to go for short walks. She gets so excited when she sees the leash she shakes and can hardly sit still. Its super adorable to watch, we all need something in life to get that excited over. One thing to keep in mind, Tori is a very heavy breather when she is excited and cannot be outdoors for long periods of time – so please be quick to get back indoors and cuddle your pug. Tori enjoys having a predictable routine and likes to go to bed at 9:30 pm…sharp. We are not kidding, she once watched a TED talk on how Pugs that go to bed early are more successful in getting treats, so now she goes to bed early. She’s been known to give a little nudge to her human around this time indicating she’s ready for bed.

What makes adopting an adult Pug so awesome? They are move in ready! Just like our little Tori – she is fully crate trained and housebroken!!! PROof took care of a complete dental work up, had a non-cancerous mass removed, and even got her ear & nasal fold infections cleared up. This sweetie Pug has been spayed and micro-chipped, so she is GTG = Good to Go!

Tori is affectionate and loves to be held (Best Pug Hugs EVER). She will take all the cuddles you have to give! She is playful at times but calm overall. Tori has always lived as a single dog until moving into her foster home. She wants to be the pack leader, for sure, but is receptive to taking her place behind another leader when directed to do so. Tori is very smart and learns quickly. She can be a little sneaky, but that’s only because she is so smart. She would benefit from an assertive yet gentle owner who enjoys keeping her intellectually stimulated. She follows her humans everywhere they go. The minute they stop she lies down right beside them.  Tori rarely snores and when she does it is very quiet.


Tori’s history is a bit of a mystery. Her exact age is unknown, as is her birthday. This girl likes to party before 9pm, so be sure to pick a date and celebrate!

She was rescued from the ASPCA by a woman a few years ago. Her human traveled frequently and this made caring for Tori a challenge. There were several other family members who stepped in and also helped to care for Tori. She lived with them for a while, until they also could not care for her due to traveling commitments. This led to Tori being surrendered to Pug Rescue of FL. Based on Tori’s excellent behavior and personality one can guess that despite a lot of moves she has been well loved. Tori and her foster Pug family are hoping she can find her perfect forever home and make just one last move!

This sweet girl deserves a perfect forever home. If you are looking for a best friend to snuggle with, stroll with, and share your days for years to come—Tori is waiting for you!

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!