Sarah & Sally – Adopted

Pug Rescue of Florida

Hello fellow pug lovers! We are Sarah and Sally and we are honorary pugs trapped in the body of a Shih Tzu! We came in from a backyard breeding situation where we would have been destined for a life of being bred. Thankfully, someone wonderful got us out of that situation and called Pug Rescue of Florida. We were incredibly matted (Sarah had to be shaved) and we both had worms and diarrhea. Thankfully, we are all cleaned up and went to the vet right away to get our health issues addressed. 

Pug Rescue of Florida

Pug Rescue of Florida

We are both spayed, up to date on vaccinations, de-wormed, and have microchips. We are incredibly loving and very bonded. We’re like little cheerleaders because we are constantly wagging our tails and happy to follow you where ever you go! We are littermates/sisters who have grown up together so, ideally, it would be great if we could be adopted together! We eat, sleep, play, and cuddle together all day. We are still puppies so we are not entirely potty trained and, occasionally, we do like to chew on stuff. We get along great with other dogs and we are happy to kiss everyone. We would be wonderful additions to any family and we would do best in a home with no young children and someone who is home often. 

Pug Rescue of Florida

A note about my future forever family…Pug Rescue of Florida will be following our puppy policies for Sarah & Sally. Please read this closely before applying – 

Puppies: We rarely have surrendered puppies. If a puppy does become available, all applications will be reviewed and the puppy will go to the home PROoF feels is best to take on such a handful. Thank you for understanding.

All of Pug Rescue of Florida’s puppies MUST go to a home with all of the following (no exceptions):

1. No only dog homes.  Another small dog playmate that can put up with a puppy is needed, since they are very playful and energetic.

2. No big dogs please, they could easily hurt a puppy by mistake.

3. A fenced in yard and no busy intersections nearby.

4. No children under the age of 5.

5. The forever family must not be gone long hours (not more than 4 at a time) as a puppy does need to be monitored, nurtured and potty trained.

6. Either a history with puppies or a great track record with a current veterinarian. Puppies are young but can be more prone to accidents due to their active nature.

…and for anyone that doesn’t know how rescues work, please know that in addition to paying for the puppy’s medical expenses, ALL adoption fees helps Pug Rescue of Florida pay for ONE of the 300 old and/or sick pugs we happily rescue every year, year in year out.

Here are Sarah & Sally playing with one of the pugs in their foster home:

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!