PugsLeigh Brown and Nicki Sue

PugsLeigh Brown & Nicki Sue

Hi there! We are PugsLeigh Brown & Nicki Sue. A very nice lady was kind enough to rescue us from a not so nice situation, and now we need a new happy home to call our own! Can we please live with you?

Here is some information we would love to share to help you get to know us better:

Ms. Nicki Sue

Hi, I’m Nicki Sue, and I’m a sweet 6 year old female who loves to hang out with my foster mom wherever she goes. I get along with other dogs, cats and especially children.  I am happiest when I’m around people. I like to go for walks to visit with my neighbors, plus I love to ride in the stroller when my foster mom goes on long walks! When I’m at home, I can be a pretty good watch pug! I’m housebroken – high five for me!!!. If I am in a home with other pets, you’ll have to hide their food from me because I will find a way to eat it all and then get a bellyache. I also get a little anxious when I have to be alone even if it’s for a short time or when I go for car rides. I do best when I’m with another dog in the home. I am crate trained, but love to sleep and cuddle in the bed if you’ll let me. The vet is not sure if I have been spayed because my paperwork was not clear on that so my foster mom has been keeping an eye on me and so far there has been no signs that I have not been spayed.  Speaking of my health, I am being treated for a blood disorder that is currently managed with some medication. In a few weeks I should be good to go! My Vet thinks I have a very good outlook for a healthy future, its just important that my forever family watch out for me. Foster Mom is happy to explain everything for you, I’m a Pug – not a Doctor!

Mr. PugsLeigh Brown

Hello there! My name is PugsLeigh Brown, and I am an 8 year old male, who is so very sweet, affectionate, and friendly. I like other dogs, cats and children too! I love to play and wrestle with my sister and go on walks outside. Guess what? I love to ride in the stroller too!! I like to cuddle and sit on my foster mom’s lap to be petted or just watch TV. I am in good health, neutered, and crate trained. I get afraid though if there is a lot of activity and noise around me at once, then I’ll go hide, so you just need to seek me out. Remember that not so nice situation I was in? Well, they forgot to Potty train me, but my super awesome foster Mom is teaching me and I’m getting better every day!!!  Being on a schedule with regular potty breaks everyday is a must for me. For now I wear a belly band if no one is home to watch me and it works out fine.

It would be so nice if we could be adopted together, but not necessary. If there is another dog in the home they would be very happy with that. We are located in the Volusia County area, and it’s just $400 to adopt the two of us!


Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!