Miss Sweet Pea

Miss Sweet Pea - Pug Rescue of Florida

Hi everyone,My name is Miss Sweetpea, but my foster mom calls me twinkle toes. I have earned that name. Even though my owner loved me, I was surrendered to the kind folks at Pug Rescue of Florida due to my owner not being able to care for me anymore.

Being about 80% blind, I have had to develop other methods to help me “see” my way around through using my toes! I am so smart that I have learned to navigate by texture sensation in my toes. At first I followed my foster mom’s hand clapping to find my way around, but I found it boring and mastered that in two days. I wanted a challenge. Now I have to step on 8 different flooring textures to make my way out to the yard to potty and I have those moves down. I’ve never had an accident in the house. I will let u know when I have to potty in my own pacing around sort of way.

When it’s feeding time I am last, though I should be first. I wait patiently until I see mom’s shadow, then follow her to my feeding spot. I’m the only female in this grumble and have no problem letting the boys know I am the queen, even the kitty. I’m happy to be at your side and I am happy to meander around this big yard then find my way back inside. I do have diabetes and require 2 shots a day that are so easy to give me. Between needles and insulin, the costs are probably $20 a month. Small price for this sweet girl that will love u to pieces. When I first came into the rescue, my blood glucose was all over the place from a poor canned grocery store generic diet food. Now that I am on a good diabetic diet, which I must be kept on, my sugar is holding well.

Miss Sweet Pea - Pug Rescue of Florida

I’m about 9-10 yrs old, weigh about 19 lbs, and have no hip, back, or arthritic issues. I can easily jump on the swing outside on the porch, or onto the furniture. I generally sleep on the couch at night. I would love to sleep in mom’s bed, but she is afraid I might fall out. At some point in my life I may have been left outside with nothing soft to sleep on. I have no problem sleeping on the tile, even though there is a dog bed about every 5 feet here. My foster mom says I am a 3 year old trapped in an older body. There’s a dainty little bark that is attached to me. I am ready for a new life with a forever and loving family and I will fit most anywhere. My adoption fee is a mere $150, not much for this golden girl. I am currently being fostered in Vero Beach.

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!