Mighty Max

Mighty Max - Pug Rescue of Florida

Max has now been in his foster home for a year… during this time Max has improved somewhat on his ability to get his back legs under him. This is due to regular doses of a muscle relaxer and a low dose pain medication.. he also gets a joint supplement daily. His foster Mom also purchased the “butt lift” leash for him which helps him move around outside easier.

While he does move around better.. he still can not control his bladder, when he stands he leaks, when he lays down he leaks… because of this he gets his back leg washed nightly and a weekly bath. He also can’t control his bowels, however when it is coming his tail does pop up and quiver.. so it is quick to catch. He also has very furry ears and is a bit prone to ear infections if they are not kept clean… he is a champ about having them cleaned regularly tho.

Despite of these issues he is a super happy boy and if his legs would allow it he would be right in the middle of play time with his foster brother and sister. He has that sweet pug howl that we all love. He loves to sit by his foster mom’s feet and sometimes even in her lap for 15 minutes or so….she thinks he has a hard time getting comfortable which is why he does not stay longer.

Mighty Max has used wheelies before but needs a custom set built for him as he has a very broad chest due to all the work his front half does to make him move. He is a big boy at around 34 pounds but he is not fat.. he is solid muscle and a long and tall boy.

His foster Mom has recently returned to work and he does not like that as he was used to her being home most of the time. As hard as it is for her to potentially say good-bye after a year, she would be so happy if he found a furever home with someone who could be home all day with him and get him up and about regularly.. he loves to be outside but like all pugs he should be limited during these hot Florida days! He also has to be on prescription food due to having stones when he arrived at the rescue.

Max is being fostered in the Gainesville FL area.

Might Max - Pug Rescue of Florida

We know Mighty Max is looking for a very special family who has time in their day and love in their hearts to help this amazing boy. We thank you for sharing his story with anyone who can continue to give him the support her needs – we promise he will thank you with lots of pugs love!

To complete the adoption application for Max start here:http://pugrescueofflorida.org/adopt/

Max’s history:


Max is a 9 year old boy who’s owner passed away, the family was unable to provide for him, so they reached out to us.  We are sure happy they did! He is the sweetest boy around!   He was taken in to have some bladder stones removed as soon as we got him, and has since healed nicely!  We learned he had an injury to his back  a few years ago, and that contributed to his weaker back area by his hind legs and controlling his bowels and peeing (his foster mom calls him a sprinkler, because when she come home he spins in circles and it sprays everywhere)! He is getting used to a belly band now ! His foster Mom is working on building him some wheels to help him move around without dragging his legs. (He scoots very fast!).

He will give a  little growl when you pick him up, but not in a mean way…we think this is how expresses his discomfort, as it has gotten better with the medication. He does not like to be held or sit in a lap because of this, but will lay under your feet and follow you everywhere! He should not be in a home with stairs as he will jump down them. He also has beautiful eyes…they look they have eyeliner..Sometimes we call him Batpug…but mostly he is Mighty Max because he is my little super hero!

Because of his ongoing medical issues Max will be staying with our wonderful PROoF volunteers. If you are able to donate to help with his medical care he would appreciate your help!

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!