Lucie – Adopted

Lucie - Pug Rescue of Florida

Meet Lucie!  Lucie is as sweet as can be and comes in a tiny 16 pound pug package. She’s 9 years old, but acts like she is only 3!

Are you looking for a pug that is active and loving – Lucie might just be your perfect match.  Lucie is very active, but not hyper, and loves any time on your lap…even if your sitting at your computer desk. If you’re walking around the house, she is right behind you. Her favorite thing in the world, besides FOOD, is BELLY RUBS — a couple of minutes after you meet her, she’ll flop over onto her back to test what type of belly-rubber you are! Once you sit down, she’ll jump on your lap and give you a few sweet kisses.

She may be small but this little gal has some attitude! When you’re eating, she thinks she should be eating also and will let you know it (even though she just ate!).  But she’s also smart…and a quick “no” and mist of the water bottle and she settles down. Did we mention she’s a bit on the bossy side 😉

Because she is a food hound, she is fed separate from the other dogs in her crate. Five minutes later, she’ll act as if you never feed her and checks out the other food bowls.

She loves her humans so much, and although she gets along with other dogs, big and small, she’d be prefer to be an only dog. In the past she lived with 3 other big dogs so she she probably never got a lot of attention. This little girl just wants someone to lover her…and she deserves it!

She enjoys sleeping with her humans and is a complete snuggle pug, and doesn’t snore very loudly at all. Once in awhile, she’ll jump off the bed and go sleep on the couch by herself. Her foster mom is crate training her during the day, but she doesn’t like it all! She is housebroken and has a doggy door that she knows how to use. Without a doggy door, she’ll go scratch at the door, or you might see her sniffing around, and just know it’s time to run her outside.

Lucie - Pug Rescue of Florida

Lucie enjoys going for walks and likes car rides — however, her foster mom describes her as a Tasmanian devil in the car, so she does need to be secured when going for a ride. Need a watch dog? She enjoys sitting on the couch at the big front window and letting you know when someone is walking by your house

Lucie came to Pug Rescue of Florida because her family couldn’t take care of her any longer. She came to us with a urinary tract infection and an ear infection — which have both cleared up. There was a small tumor on her belly that our veterinarian removed during her spay surgery. The veterinarian is seeing slight signs of arthritis in her back legs, but this spunky little girl is jumping all over the furniture and running around the house — nothing is going to keep her down! Because of the possible arthritis we are we are trying to keep her at her ideal weight to help with the issue. She’s had her vaccinations and a dental — the veterinarian says for her age, she has really good teeth, very little tarter. Her blood work and urine test were all good, so her doggie bag is packed and she is ready for her new home.

If you think this lovely lady might be a perfect fit for your family please complete an adoption application today because she is ready to meet you!

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!