Jo Jo

jojo redo2

My name is Jo Jo, but my foster mom calls me Jack!

I am a great loving active boy that will be you best friend forever if you let me. I will follow you, and play with you and the other dogs in the house (if you have any) any time we will go outside. I love lizards. I can stand next to the window long time and watch them climbing on the window from the other side, and try to play with them. I have such a great vision that I can find the lizards even at night.

In my past life guys were not nice to me so I don’t like them. I rather be in a home where with females and kids (if there are any) but no men. When one of the other dogs takes my food, I just go away. I won’t fight with them. I am just a happy 10 year old boy that is a Pug/Cocker Spaniel mix . I am fully vaccinated, and have no known health issues. Life is good since I came to PROof, but I’m ready to find a place to call my home forever.

Jojo Redo

Would you like me to join you? (The answer is YES, please fill out an application today!!!)

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!