Herbert – Adopted

HHerbert - Pug Rescue of Florida

Hi everyone, I’m Herbert!  I came into rescue after being lost and alone.  Luckily I made my way to a shelter and then to my friends at Pug Rescue of Florida (PROoF).   I am what they call a lovable mystery man.  I have tons of personality and charm but no one knows where I came from or how old I am.  I have been to four vets and each guessed my age differently.  Of course, all 4 vets were sure they were right.  My friends at PROoF, said it happens often and for me not to worry about it.  They said they’d just add all the guesses together and use the average which is 8 years.  It doesn’t really matter!  Age is just a number anyway.  More importantly, I am a happy loving pug that loves life, leash walks, car rides, snuggling with my human.

I hate to brag but to help you decide if I might be the perfect match for your family, let me tell you a little about my amazing personality:

– I’ll be the first to admit that I love attention.  My perfect day includes being with my human, playing, and then going outside, and then playing with my toys, and then having a snack, and then taking a nap and then (you guessed it) playing with my toys some more.

– Do you like naps? I do too!  Do you snore? That’s great because I snore too! If you like really snorty pugs then I’m the one for you.

– I’m an all-around great guy and everyone says I’m very well behaved.  That’s probably because I love everyone and want them love me too.  I get along great with people and dogs.

–  I’m potty trained and I even go stand by the door when I need to go outside.

Sadly, when PROoF took me in, I tested positive for deadly heartworms.  It happens a lot to dogs that are not given monthly heartworm preventative L   I have already been to PROoF’s vet and gotten the painful (and expensive) heartworm injections to kill the heartworms.  Glad that is over.  It wasn’t easy on me.  I even sick from it once but the good news is I was rechecked this past week and the vet said I am looking good.  They even took another x-ray of my heart and lungs just be on the safe side.   Of course, Heartworms and the HW Treatment can be tough on dogs.  So I am looking for a forever home that is more on the quiet side and won’t let me over do (I still think I’m a youngster).  I must take a monthly HW preventative (like all dogs).  I am neutered and have had all my vaccines too so now all I need is a human or two to love me and give me the home I deserve.  Please no young active children in the home, not because I don’t like them but because I will want to play non-stop with them and that might not be good for me right now.  Because of my heartworms PROoF was not able to get my dental done.  Once I am rechecked in 6 months, I should be cleared and will need my family to get that done for me.   Luckily for me, my PROoF friends did everything else.  They literally saved my life.

Herbert - Pug Rescue of Florida

If you are looking for a fun-loving pug that sounds a little bit like a freight train, who will always want to be close by, I’d love to meet you! Just fill out the adoption application with PROoF  and ask for Herbert.   Or as my foster mom calls me Handsome Herbert or Huggable Herbert………. I weigh approx. 22 pounds and am currently fostered in Leesburg area.  My adoption fee is only $250.00

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!