Hayley – Adopted

Hayley - Pug Rescue of Florida

Hello friends, my name is Hayley I am a 8 year old female Pug.

I am so glad to have been saved by Pug Rescue of Florida! Due to the poor condition I was in when I came into rescue, I truly believe that Pug Rescue saved my life.

I had a very severe bladder infection, double ear infection, severe spine pain, and I was extremely over weight. I was in so much pain with my spine and UTI I could barely walk and would only go to the bathroom once a day. Thanks to my doctor and my foster mommy I have received medications and physical therapy which have helped so much.

My medical issues have been with me all of my life.  You see I was born with Spina Bifida and I have no tail. When I arrived at Pug Rescue I could barely walk on the tile floor so my foster mom put throw rugs all through the house so I could walk.

With my medical conditions I really should be on a carefully controlled diet, but that was something else my foster mom had to help with.  She talked to the doctor about how much to reduce my food to help me loose weight. Unfortunately I was only fed people food prior to coming into rescue and that really is not a good idea for pugs. With love and patience I am finally eating dog food and getting the proper nutrition that I need.

The exciting news I want to share is I am feeling so much better!!. I didn’t know life could be so fun and I had no idea how wonderful I could feel with I wasn’t in such pain all the time. I can now walk on tile, I even ran around yesterday when I got excited,  I am loosing weight, my bladder infection is better with antibiotics, and my ear infection is all cleared up.  The joint supplements and pain medicine I’m now taking have given me a new life.

The other day I started playing with these things called “toys” for the first time. Boy I LOVE toys and love squeaky toys the most! I have a toy basket my foster mom bought me and I love taking toys out all day and just playing. The first time I did it my foster mommy cried and told me she was so happy to see me be a real dog and have fun. I have to admit I’m pretty happy too — being in that much pain was an awful way to live.  She also told me she is here to make me all better and get me ready for my new forever home where I will never be neglected again and I will forever be loved.

I’ve made a lot of great progress while I’ve been with Pug Rescue of Florida and my foster mom wants to make sure I find an amazing forever family who will continue to get me the required medical care I need and love I deserve. Here is my wish list for my forever home:

– I love other dogs big and small, and I think cats  are so cool too. I would love a home with another dog to be my friend.

– My foster mom says I need a special home that will continue to measure my food to help me lose weight. My doctor says that losing some more weight will really help my spine.

– I will need a soft orthopedic dog bed to relax in during the day but I prefer to sleep in your bed at night.

– Joint supplements will be a must everyday the rest of my life to help my back, and occasional pain medications on days I need it.

I few other important things my forever family might want to know… I love to cuddle. I enjoy short walks and swimming to help with my weight loss. My foster mom is an animal massage therapist and her massages have helped me so much too — she can show you some things you can do to help me in the future. I am fully house broken and rarely bark.

I am on this great road to recovery and am excited to pick my new forever home with my foster mom’s help. I can’t wait to have a new family and show them how much I will love them for loving me!!

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!