Hello all.  I’m a ten year old new kid on the block.  I was in rough shape when I came into rescue, but with the love and dedication of my foster mom I am enjoying life, while looking and feeling like a different dog.  See, I am diabetic and my blood sugar wasn’t under control when I came to my foster mom’s, and my diet was all out of whack.  My diabetes is now under control, thanks to a new healthy diet and 2 insulin shots per day (easy price to pay for the amount of loyalty I will show you).  I don’t see very well, but get around the house just fine, and between all of my senses am able to follow my foster mom like white on rice everywhere she goes.  I can be shy at first, but get along well with everyone including children, other dogs, and cats.  I generally enjoy relaxing and being wherever my human is.  I’m not very high-energy, unless I am wandering around looking for my foster mom and then I get my butt in gear.  I don’t hear as well as I used to, but I can definitely adapt to my surroundings and know where everyone is at all times…as well as my comfy bed.
As you can see, I am a very handsome boy that just wants to please my human and be near them.  I am located in Vero Beach, and welcome the company if anyone wants to meet me and give me some rubs.  I have been very fortunate that PROOF was generous with me, and afforded me to live a happy and healthy life during my golden years.  If you aren’t able to adopt, but would like to donate please contact PROOF in the name of Fred to help support my prior and ongoing medical bills.  Much love to you all.

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!