Fred Sanford – Adopted


Good day mate! Fred Sanford here, and I’m delighted to meet you! I’m an adventurous, 6 year old, little fellow, and have been referred to as, “The Most Interesting Pug in the World”. I should be receiving royalties from a certain adult beverage company for copying my story, but alas, I am not.

 I climb the tallest mountains, or maybe those are pillows, one cannot be certain. Popular in my neighborhood,  I pretty much charm everyone I meet. I absolutely love to go for walks and I love riding in the car! Lets go on an adventure together, think of the stories we will be able to tell!!! I had a proper upbringing, and was trained in the art of being a young Pug gentleman. Potty trained, up to date on vaccinations, and micro-chipped, they say I am the full enchilada. I am incredibly mild mannered and I just love everyone and everything! I’m very versatile and also answer to the names Fred, Freddie, Frederick, and even “do you want a treat?. Yes friend, I do want a treat!

I would make a wonderful snuggle buddy, now quickly – fill out an application!!! Let us be on our way! The world awaits!!!


I appear to have some allergies but it is likely from my former family feeding me human food. Once I am on a grain-free diet and have some baths with medicated shampoo, some of my missing hair should grow back. I get along great with my four legged foster brother and sister but I would probably do okay as an only dog.

Ladies love me, men want to be me, Pugs want to share my snacks – I am“The Most Interesting Pug in the World”.

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!