Pug Rescue of Florida

Hi everyone, I’m Dora! I’m a 1 1/2 year old pug girl. I’m quite the cutie, but don’t be fooled… I love to play rough and tough! I enjoy playing tug of war and wrestling with my foster dad all the time.

I prefer fellow humans than dogs… it’s best when I’m be the only one because I’m a dog that expects to get all the attention! When I’m not playing, I’m a very good girl. I’m a quiet dog and I don’t destroy any furniture or toys. Also, I don’t shed very much.

After 8pm, I start to get very sleepy and that’s cuddling time for me! I know how to sit on command and I come when you say my name. When it comes to potty training, I am not 100% housebroken, especially if I’m alone for more than few hours but if you keep me on a good schedule and take me out often, no accidents!  In fact, I’m so smart that I sometimes tell my foster mom that I need to go by bringing her a shoe!

I’m not the biggest fan of wet grass because I must keep my pretty little paws clean, so I’ll gladly use a patio or wait for the grass to dry. I like short walks so that I can go out and explore, and I am now learning that exploring time can also be potty time.

My foster family is also teaching me about something called a crate… it looks weird to me, but I don’t mind staying inside this thing for a short time because there is a comfy fluffy blanket inside and I know my humans will be back very soon. I’ve been on quite a few car rides, which I do pretty great with. I sit by myself in the backseat on my bed and take a little nap.

Pug Rescue of Florida

People think I’m cute because I run in circles a lot, but it’s actually a neurological condition that I have. I don’t feel any pain or have any behavior issues because of it. It only makes me run in circles and my eyes to wiggle from side to side. When I first came to stay with the nice folks from Pug Rescue of Florida I had a skin condition called Demodex, but thanks to their TLC and the right medications that’s all clear now. However, I am still itchy, especially my paws. The vet who’s been treating me said I have allergies that require consistent medication, but I don’t mind the medications or extra time it takes to wipe my paws.

I’m up to date on my vaccines and heartworm negative, but I heard everyone said that I will be spayed real soon, what that means I have no clue, but they say it is important.

My foster family says I’m too cute with a melt-your-heart cry and a quiet bark. I have lots of energy and potential to learn! So what do you think, can I call your family my own?

Pug Rescue of Florida


Dora is clear of demodex, however she has a yeast and fungus infection which we are currently treating with medications and baths. She is scheduled for a follow-up visit in late September and if the infection is clear, then we can schedule her for a spay.

Because of Dora’s allergies, she will need to have an allergy injection every 4 weeks which is $50-$75. She cannot take Apoquel due to her neurological condition.

Dora will need to be on specific medications for fleas and ticks for the rest of her life — she won’t have as many options as other dogs because some could cause her further neurological issues.

She will also be having a consultation with a neurologist soon so we have a better idea of our how to categorize her condition and plan for her future.

Dora will need to be an “only dog” when she goes to her forever home.

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!