Callie – Adopted

Callie - Pug Rescue of Florida

Callie - Pug Rescue of Florida

Callie is a delightful pug girl.  She is full of personality.  She is what people think of when they think pug.  Short and round, perky, sweet girl that loves everyone.  She is 8 years young and currently weighs 22 pounds.

Callie came into rescue because her owner passed away.  She was obviously loved, spoiled and cared for her whole life.  She sleeps in the bed and always manages to end up on her foster dad’s pillow.  She loves care rides and prefers to sit on your lap during the ride.  She also loves to go for walks and enjoys meeting all her 2 and 4 legged neighbors.  She gets along with all the pugs in her foster home as well.  She is just a love and a joy to have around.  The only dog she has met she didn’t like was a bossy alpha… so no bossy alpha dogs please.  She is 100% potty trained, will even bark (squeak really) to go out.  Of course, she also squeaks for food.  She is a smart and communicative little pug.

Callie said to tell you she is not fat, she is big boned but she is trying to lose some weight because she needs a luxating patella (popping knee) surgery.  This will be done in Tampa as soon as she has dropped a couple of pounds.  So Callie is looking for a forever home that will help her rehab after the knee surgery (restricted activity for a few weeks and lots of TLC).  PROoF will be happy to cover the cost of Callie’s knee surgery and will be even more happy to find a rescuer/adopter that will pay or help pay for the surgery! 🙂

Like lots of pugs, she has some vision loss due to dry eyes.   She will need to stay on medicated/lubricating eye drops (Tacrolimus) for the rest of her life but this is just another day in paradise for pug lovers.

If you are Callie’s love match, please apply today to adopt her.  She is currently fostered in The Villages and her adoption fee is only $225.

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!