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Abby - Pug Rescue of Florida

Hi there, I’m Abby the Puggle! I am quite the snuggle puggle. I love sitting very close to my foster family on the couch while they watch TV. And in no time I’ll start snoring! During the day, I like to sunbathe. A LOT. My family says one day I’ll actually become a cooked hot dog. The midday sun is the best! And sometimes, my foster family gives me homemade puppy popsicles to keep me cool. They’re SO good.

I also like exploring in the yard and running after squirrels and lizards that I hear run past me. When my family comes home, they take me for super fun walks and best of all, car rides! They take me to cafes, shopping plazas, and best of all… the beach! I’m super chill in the car; just give me a place to sit and I’ll snooze until we get there. I am house trained and I know a few commands like sit, down, and shake (and I’m learning a few more).

I prefer to be a lone wolf (…or puggle), so no other doggies please; I like having the house to my family and myself! I really love being around my family and I get a bit nervous when they’re gone, so I stay in my crate when they’re out of the house. And since I love to explore, can I have a fenced yard? It makes things easier for me. I sleep well anywhere around the house, sometimes I choose my crate and other times I sleep with my foster mom.

I am also really good when it comes to feeding time. Almost an hour before it’s time to eat, I sit by my food bowl and wait for the minutes to tick by! And I don’t really care for human food. My foster family eats all kinds of snacks while I sit next to them, and I just ignore it (my food is better!).

And by the way, I think my foster family can be overprotective sometimes. They’re always saying things like “Watch out!” and “Stop!” But just because I can’t see, doesn’t mean I don’t have things in control! Yeah, I’m fully blind, but like I said, I’ve got it all under control. Because I am blind, I prefer to be an only dog so I don’t have to worry about anyone stealing my food or sneaking up on me. Otherwise, blindness is no issue here. I found this shortcut in the house that
my foster family didn’t know about, I can jump on and off of the couch without a problem, I run after critters in the yard, and I follow my family all day long (psst…check out my video on Facebook!)

All I need is my nose, my ears, and someone to love!

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Please open your heart and your home to this fabulous puggle girl.  You will be happy you did!!!

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!