Meet Princess Leia

Our hearts sank in mid- January when we picked up a sweet 10 year old pug named Princess Leia.

We wish it wasn’t true, but over the years, we have seen many pugs that have been abused, or neglected to the point of abused. It sickens us to tell you that it appears that this sweet pug girl has been suffering for a long time.

When we saw what we had, we took her straight to the ER to be evaluated and immediately started on treatment. Sadly, she has numerous untreated health issues. 

She is so sweet! We prayed that it was not too late to save her and we wanted to give her the good life she deserves.

Initially the worst of her health issues appeared to be: a huge open gaping wound on her rear-end and her extremely high white blood count. She was anemic and full of infection. The infection was at least partly due to the abscessed dog bite wounds that she has suffered on her back.

This poor girl was very sick and initially we were not sure she could even be saved but we were sure as heck going to try. Her vet tech foster mom has been on the case .

In spite of the obvious pain Princess Leia was suffering, this little doll has nothing but kisses for her care takers. Through all she has suffered, she has remained affectionate and loving, aka “Pug”. Her little spark was almost gone but it never fails to amaze us how the beautiful spirit of the pug always manages to continue to shine through the storm.

The person who surrendered her to us did try to help her and got her out of an abusive situation several months ago. In addition to everything else this sweet girl has endured, the ER vet believes the black spots on her face are cigarette burns. REALLY!!! 

We will post updates below! 

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Leia's Bucket List Sponsors:

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Leia's Updates


January 30, 2019

As we promised, Princess Leia's foster mom is sharing updates on her progress. Today is a good day -- Princess Leia has a new BFF! 🐾💖

Princess is smiling .....her steroid injection has really made her feel good.She got her stitches out and she had some issues back there where we removed the huge mast cell tumor .She has a hole there that got infected and broke up the stitches and Dr Adney had to cut out some of the dead tissue so I now have to do hydration therapy 5min twice a day running warm water on it with a handle shower head in my shower then fill the hole with cream. So it will heal from the inside out. It already is filling in just in two days of doing this. So it will close up soon.

This is her new best friend Momo a Pug I am watching while her mom has been in Kuwait the past 9 months. So glad princess has a new best friend and feeling better.

She is eating and drinking all on her own now and I don’t have to hand feed her anymore either. She is on Benadryl and famotidine for life and we are doing steroid injection trial to see how she does.

February 17, 2019

Hi friends it’s me Princess Leia. My mommy is working on my bucket list. Today we went to Dunkin Donuts and they gave me a free whip cream cup. Yummy it was sooo delicious. Then we went to visit our friends at Pet Supplies Plus in Clearwater. Mommy let me pick out some new toys, bones and treats. I am going to the Vet this week for a check up and I have been having a lot of good days. I love having so many Pug friends and my favorite thing is to lay on my foster mommies chest and take a nap. I feel safe and loved for the first time in my life and my family makes every day special for me. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. ❤️🐾❤️ 

February 19, 2019

 Princess Leia went and saw her Veterinarian Dr. Adney today at Day & Evening Pet Hospital and Pet Surgical Center in Palm Harbor. He could not believe how good she looked and how alert she was.

He did an exam and pulled blood to compare to the last time he saw her a couple of weeks ago. The blood results shocked him, she is at almost all normal levels. He was so surprised and happy! All of her lymph nodes are still swollen with Mast Cell cancer and she has two new huge masses that have developed (which are mast cells as well) so he did a new procedure that is showing great results in shrinking mast cell tumors and injected the two large tumors with a certain steroid.

So here is the best part... he thinks she could be with us a few more months! We are so happy to hear this!! A couple of weeks ago, due to how bad her bloodwork was and how sick she was, she was given only a few weeks to live. So we will take this happy news and make everyday special for her.

Dr Adney wants to see her every six weeks or sooner if anything changes and will continue to do injections into the large mast cell tumors . She will remain on the famotidne and Benadryl for life as well as all her supplements her foster mom has her on.

Her foster mom Lori is just over the moon and so glad all her hard work has helped Leia. She will continue to work on Leia's bucket list and said Princess' favorite thing is to lay on her chest wrapped in a blanket and take a nap when she watches TV. They have such a special bond and we know Leia knows she saved her.

Leia also loves to give kisses and cuddly with the other pugs in the house. Thank you for all the love and prayers for Leia -- it is helping!!

We are sending a very special thank you to Dr Adney and his amazing staff for taking such good care of her and other pugs at Pug Rescue of Florida.