Meet Mekko:

Spunky doesn’t even begin to describe Mekko… This 24lb, 15 year-old has been with Pug Rescue of Florida twice now. A wonderful and loving home was found for her, but Mekko’s owner died in 2018, and is the case with all the dogs we adopt out, she was returned to PROoF so that we could care for her.

Mekko was in such bad condition when we picked her up, that she was taken to the emergency vet for respiratory distress and a distended abdomen. Once stabilized, she was brought to our regular veterinarian to conduct further tests. Mekko was found to have multiple health issues – ear infection, mobility, periodontal disease, congestive heart failure (CHF), collapsed trachea, pneumonia, dry eyes and pulmonary edema.

Most of her conditions are chronic – some were easily treated. Mekko will be on daily medications for the rest of her life to keep her comfortable and pain free. But due to the CHF, we knew her chances to get adopted were slim. So her foster family agreed to provide her with the loving home that she deserved.

Her days are spent lounging around in the Dog Room at her foster home, along with pug brothers. She doesn’t walk very well, so her foster mom usually carries her outside a few times a day to go potty and get some sun. After a big meal, she likes to sit on the couch and watch tv with her foster mom and take a long nap. Once she’s rested up, she will play with one of her soft toys or chew on a bone.

Mekko visits the vet every other month to monitor her condition (she doesn’t mind this too much, because she just LOVES car rides!). She takes benazepril, furosemide (Lasix) and Breathe Easier herbal supplement every day, and receives tacrolimus drops in her eyes three times a day.

But she gives more love than you could ever give to her. Mekko and her extra-long tongue just love to snuggle up to her foster parents. She may not have a very long life, but she has a great life. And her foster family is dedicated to making sure that this final leg of her journey will be the best part of it.


Mekko's Sponsors

You can help by sponsoring Mekko with a one time/monthly donation or you can sponsor one of her Bucket List items !  Or if you can make one of the PRICELESS items happen, please contact us.   

Mekko's Sponsors:

- The Carey Family

- Javier Melendez

- Jennifer Kehoe

- In loving memory of Sophie the South Beach Pug

Mekko's Bucket List Sponsors:

- Get a doggie massage & chew on huge dog bone, Jane Byers

- Get nails done in rainbow colors, Jody at Groom Room