Meet Lily Jade

Lily Jade “Jade” was kept in a cage for more than three years. She has curvature in her spine and no muscle tone in her legs; her nails were grown into the pads of her feet, so she was unable to walk without pain. She had severe bacterial skin infection resulted in the loss of all her fur; a severe ear infection; dry eye; incontinent; and had very bad teeth. Oh, and the poor dear is blind and deaf.

These dogs are brought into this world for the pleasure of human beings, and then thrown away when they are old and have health issues.

Despite all of her medical issues, PROoF wasn't willing to give up on this special girl -- Jade had the right to a life with dignity, to be pain-free, and to be cared for and loved. Jade received the needed medical attention to take care of many of her issues. Her patient foster parents provided daily therapy to strengthen her body and legs, and she began to learn how to walk again with the help of a wheelchair, or a special harness and sling.  

Now, after many months, Jade can now walk on her own – be it slowly and wobbly at times, and is able to do her “business” outside. She enjoys exploring her foster home, and hanging out with her foster siblings. Even though she is deaf and blind, she can amazingly get around, and is very resilient…despite her past. 

Jade has a long recovery still ahead of her, but is very determined. We know that because of Jade's age and health, her chances of getting adopted are low, but her foster family loves her like their own -- and will do so throughout this journey...for as much time as she has.  

Lily Jade's Sponsors

You can help by sponsoring Lily Jade with a one time/monthly donation or you can sponsor one of her Bucket List items  (donation link below)!  Or if you can make one of the PRICELESS items happen, please contact us

Jade's Sponsors:

- The Yates Family

Jade's Bucket List Sponsors:

- Take a picture with the East Bunny and eat a gourmet doggie meal, Jane Byers 

 - Spend a day at doggie day spa. The Foster family. 

 - Eat a doggie ice cream treat AND Create a dog paw print painting!  With Much Love, Jill, Steve & Cam Provines & our PROOF Pug Alumni~Miss Belle The Sassy Pug