Meet Lexie C

Just in the nick of time...Pug Rescue of Florida scooped me up from the shelter. I had so many health issues, that the shelter knew I wasn't going to get adopted...and the shelter also knew that PROoF would give me a fighting chance to find a real home.

I'm cute little Lexie, and at 11 years old, I still have a lot of love to give. I spend most of my days hanging close to my people -- my favorite is my human foster brother. He loves me so much, that he put his mattress on the floor so that I wouldn't have to sleep alone, or be afraid of falling off a bed. My foster sibling dogs are okay too, but I'm probably a bit on the slow side for them. But I do have spurts of energy throughout the day in between my naps. And I like to graze around the back yard. Food is the best time of the day! Got to keep my energy up because I still have a lot of things planned on my bucket list. I can't too much on my own, but with the help of my fabulous foster family, I'm about to have the time of my life…just check out my Bucket List below!

Truthfully, I am a mess. One of my eyeballs got shrunk! I can't see out of it, but it doesn't bother me -- it does get sort of gooky sometimes, but my foster mommy and brother wipe it with a special solution, and then I get drops that make it feel better. My hearing isn’t the best but I get by.  I have a narrowing trachea, so my breathing isn't very good, and it is difficult for me to get around. I have really bad teeth that are causing an infection, but looks like my doctor is going to clear me for dental surgery -- that will make me feel better. They are also taking another x-ray to check on something they saw last time -- I'm not too worried, because I'm feeling good and I'm in a happy home.

Life is good for me in spite of these age-related issues. My foster Mom says I can stay with them forever, and that makes me heart smile. 

Lexie's Sponsors

You can help by sponsoring Lexie with a one time/monthly donation or you can sponsor one of her Bucket List items!  Or if you can make one of the PRICELESS items happen, please contact us.  

Lexie's Sponsors:

- The Harrington Family

Lexie's Bucket List Sponsors:

- Dine at a pet-friendly restaurant and go to the doggie park, Jane Byers