Foster a pug

We provide the medical care and you provide the shelter and love

Pug Rescue of Florida rescues pugs and pug mixes across the state of Florida. We rely on the support of loving foster homes to help the pugs in need.  All PROoF pugs stay with foster families until they find their forever homes. Our foster care program allows us to learn more about our dogs, address their medical needs, and enables us to make better long-term matches for both our adopters and our dogs.

What does it mean to foster? It means that you open your heart and your home to a rescue pug. You treat them as if they were your own and give them lots of good food, exercise, and attention. You might have to take your foster pug to vet appointments (PROoF pays for the medical care at our approved vet offices) and administer medications.  You may also have to work on house training, social skills, or behavior issues. You get to know all about your foster pug therefore you are also involved with screening applicants, taking the pug to events, and meeting potential adopters.

We understand and appreciate that fostering it is a very special commitment for families. It takes time, energy, patience, a LOT of love!  Our rescued pugs have often experienced many changes in their lives and our foster families help prepare them for one final change – settling in with a wonderful forever family. We know fostering is a very important job but don’t worry, we will be there to support you every step of the way.

We have several types of foster home needs:

  • Intake/Medical Fosters - if you have previous medical experience we could really use your help! Many of our incoming pugs need to be evaluated and receive immediate care until they can be seen by a vet. If you have experience as a vet tech or other medical profession and can help care for and evaluate our foster pugs please contact us ASAP! 
  • Regular fosters – most of our pugs/pug mixes will need basic medical care (spay/neuter surgery, vet visits for vaccines, etc. ) and will need time for us to understand their personalities to help them find a great forever home. The hope is to help these pugs/pug mixes will stay in foster care for a couple of months and then be adopted. Most of these dogs are used to being around other dogs — when we review your foster application we will talk to you about the other dogs already in your home and help determine what type of pugs/pug mixes might be a good fit on a short-term foster basis.
  • Long term/hospice fosters – sometimes we have pugs/pug mixes with long term special needs. They will stay in foster care much longer as we evaluate their health needs and get them more specialized or long term care.
  • Quarantine fosters — All pugs/mixes that come to us from an animal shelter, and some pug/mixes that come to us without ongoing vet care, need to be kept away from other pets for a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure they do not have an illness that can be transmitted to other dogs. To qualify as a quarantine foster you must: 
    • have NO other dogs in your home 
    • be able to keep the foster pug/mix in your home for a minimum of 2 weeks (could be longer) 
    • agree to take the foster pug/mix to a PROoF veterinarian and administer medications as needed

Will you consider fostering for Pug Rescue? If you live in Florida and can foster a rescue pug in your home, please complete the online foster application. 

Click here to complete the  Online Foster Application

If you are unable to complete our online foster application, please contact us.

Foster Application Process: We are all volunteers. If for some reason you have not been contacted as soon as you wished, please do not think this is a reflection on your application, but a mere part of the process as our volunteers are all working as fast as we can across the state of Florida.  We appreciate your patience.