Meet Fat Frank

Big pug Fat Frank was found roaming the streets in 100 degree weather and could barely breathe. We rushed him to a veterinarian right away to help him. Frank suffers from a collapsed trachea, which makes it difficult for him to breath, and an enlarged heart which is causing heart failure. In addition to a debilitating  spinal issue and arthritis which cause pain, Frank is also vision-impaired and has chronic dry-eye, which require medicated drops multiple times a day. 

Despite all these issues, Frank is the best dog and loves his foster daddy so much that he waits by the door for him to come home each day. It is just adorable…Frank only want to be with him. 

But Frank isn't taking it that easy! While he does spend most of the day sleeping in various cozy orthopedic dog beds and snuggling into his fuzzy cuddly blanket, he has also been seen around town at  the local pet store picking out treats and then grabbing an ice cream at McDonalds. (and boy, does he love treats!)

He takes walks in a doggie stroller since he can’t walk far, and is currently receiving acupuncture, cold laser and massage therapy to help his back pain and arthritis.

We think he is about 12. So he will stay with his foster family -- loving life and checking off his bucket list --  until it’s his time. 

Fat Frank's Sponsors

You can help by sponsoring Fat Frank with a one time/monthly donation or you can sponsor one of his Bucket List items!  Or if you can make one of the PRICELESS items happen, please contact us.  

Fat Frank's Sponsors: 

 - Patricia Webber

Fat Frank's Bucket List Sponsors: 

 - Laser therapy & massage therapy treatment, Francine Larkin 

-  Your McDonald's ice cream and fries are on me! We love you Frank! Love, Rebecca Stortstrom, Jason Boyd, and PROoF alum Diego 

- Laser therapy treatments, Patricia Santana, Trish Diamond & her pugs, Michele Moosman, Melissa Hicks, Davis Rozanski, Lee Campbell