Adopt a Rescued Pug


Before applying please read this important information about the Application Process


Everyone at Pug Rescue of Florida is a volunteer. If for some reason you have not been contacted as soon as you wished, please do not think this is a reflection on your application, but merely a part of the process as our volunteers are all working as fast as possible across the state of Florida.

You should hear from one of our volunteers within 10 days of submitting your online application. Initial contact via your application will be made via email If your email filter is set to exclusive you will need to check your junk and spam folders frequently so you do not miss updates on the status of your application. If you do not hear from one of our volunteers within 10 days, please contact us and we will follow up on the status of your application. We appreciate your patience.

Available Pugs


You will find our available pugs by clicking here. This section of the website is a guide to help you in finding a possible match for your family. Please take the time to read each dog’s profile as this is the best way to learn about any medical/behavior issues, special needs, etc. If a dog is listed as “Medical Hold” this means that they are currently NOT available for adoption but will be once their medical care is complete.

Pug Youngsters


We rarely have surrendered young pugs. If young pugs become available, all applications will be reviewed and the youngster will go to the home Pug Rescue of Florida feels is best to take on such a handful. 

If you meet all of PROoF youngster requirements (below) and want to give one our youngsters a great forever home, please note:  

PROoF’s youngsters have high adoption fees (a minimum of $600-800 AND UP).   If you know our rescue, you know these fees help pay medical expenses for the all dogs, including older dogs.   The average cost of vetting our rescued pugs and pug mixes is over $1,000 each and many are over $5,000.   We take ALL pugs regardless of age and/or medical condition and we don’t shy away from providing needed expensive treatments or surgeries that are in the best interest of the pug.  Thank you for understanding.

These are the PROoF Youngster Requirements

All Pug Rescue of Florida’s youngsters must go to a home with all of the following:

1. No only-dog homes.  Another small dog playmate that can put up with a youngster is needed, since they are very playful and energetic.

2. No big dogs please, they could easily hurt a young pug by mistake.

3. A fenced in yard and no busy intersections nearby.

4. No children under the age of 5.

5. The forever family must not be gone long hours (not more than 4 at a time) as a youngster does need to be monitored, nurtured and potty trained.

6. If a youngster is adopted before it is old enough to be neutered or spayed, adopter will be required to neuter/spay and provide evidence of neuter/spay to Pug Rescue of Florida.

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fee schedule is: Youngsters = $600 and up; Adult dogs = $400 and up; Senior dogs = $200 and up.  Adoption fees for specific dogs will be discussed with approved adopters. Adoption fees go toward paying for the medical treatment of all of our rescued pugs including medications, surgeries, food, and other supplies while they are in foster care. We are an all-volunteer run organization therefore all adoption fees go directly to caring for rescued pugs/mixes. 

Adoption Application Review Process


All adoption applications are subject to acceptance based on a lengthy review process that includes a landlord check (if applicable), vet check, reference check, phone interview, and a mandatory home check.

Application Initial Review

One of our Adoption Coordinators will screen your application to determine if the necessary information was provided. If not, you will be emailed to provide additional information. To avoid delays it is very important you take the time to fill out the application completely.  Some common mistakes are: not providing valid email addresses, incomplete vet information, incomplete landlord information, etc.  If there are any major concerns about adopting a dog to you based on information provided in your application, your application may be denied.

Landlord Approval

If you rent your home your landlord will be contacted to ensure you have permission to have a dog in your home. We will verify all pet policies including number of pets allowed, pet deposits, ongoing fees, necessary paperwork, etc. If your landlord does not allow for a new pug/mix in your home, your application will be denied.

Veterinary Reference Check

This is a critical step in the process! A volunteer will contact the veterinary reference(s) you provided to determine if your current pets are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, given regular heartworm exams/preventative medication, and is well cared for on a consistent basis. We will also ask about any serious medical conditions your pets have experienced and the level of care that was provided. If you do not currently have pets, we may ask about the veterinary care that your previous pets received.

PLEASE contact your vet and give them permission to speak to Pug Rescue of Florida and release information about your current/past pets to us. If your veterinary reference(s) cannot verify care history, spay/neuter, heartworm, and vaccination status of your pet(s) then processing of your application will be stopped until this information is provided.

Spay/neuter – All current pets must be spayed/neutered. Exemptions to our spay/neuter policy may be granted if your vet has recommended not doing this because of age and/or health issues.

Vaccines – All current pets must be up to date on Rabies and DHPP vaccines. If your pet(s) is overdue for vaccinations, you will be required to bring them up-to-date before proceeding with the application review process. If your pet(s) is more than 6 months overdue, your application may be denied.

Heartworm – All current pets must have been given a heartworm test within the past 12 months and be current on heartworm preventative medication.  If your pet(s) is more than 6 months overdue, your application may be denied.

Telephone Interview

During the application review process a volunteer from our Adoption Team may contact you to schedule a telephone interview. During this interview we will discuss information provided in your application including current pets, work schedules, children in the home, etc.

We will also ask about qualities you are looking for in a rescued pug/mix (age, medical conditions, behaviors, etc.), timeframe/date you are seeking to adopt, and how far you are willing to travel to meet a pug/mix that might be a match for your family.

Home Check

If the information in your application checks out, and you may be a match for the pug/mix you applied for, then one of our volunteers will contact you to schedule a home check. This meeting will take place at your home so our volunteer can see where your new pug/mix will live and to ensure the environment is safe for the dog.

We will want to see where your new pug/mix will sleep and eat, and your yard (including fence, pool, etc.).  All people who reside in the home must be present, including anyone who will be responsible for the care of the pug.  All children must be present. If children divide their time between households, the home check must be done when the children are at the prospective adoptive home.

Our volunteer will bring a pug/mix with them to the home check to gauge your current pet and family members’ interaction with a new pet.

Application Approval

Once you are approved to adopt we will speak with you in detail about which pugs/mixes in our rescue might be the best fit for your family.  You will then be able to talk with the pug’s foster parent and meet the pug in an agreed upon location.  If our volunteers determined the pug is a good match for your family, you will be able to adopt that pug.  We do not transport our pugs.  You must be willing to go meet and adopt the pug in or near their foster home.

All decisions on placing dogs in adoptive homes are based solely on the judgment of the volunteers and coordinators of Pug Rescue of Florida. We do not guarantee any pug to any adopter.  We do not operate on a first come, first serve basis.  If we have multiple applications for one pug or pug mix, we will review all the applications at that time and determine which home best suits that dog’s needs.


Adoptions Outside of Florida:   We sometimes adopt outside the state of Florida, but please note that the application process will take longer than normal to complete.  We must be able to find a volunteer in your area to complete our required home check AND you must be willing to drive to meet and adopt a pug in Florida once approved.  We do not transport our pugs out of state or work with transport companies. We also do not allow our pugs to fly in the cargo section of a plane.

Possible Reasons for a Denied Application

1. A home that is not compatible for a rescue pug.

2. References (both vet and personal) that do not check out.

3. Other pets that may not be compatible with a rescue pug.

4. Small children that may be too active for a rescue pug.

5. Work hours of the adoptive parents.

6. Other reasons, as determined by the Adoption Committee.

To begin the adoption application review process you must


· Pay a $20.00 non-refundable adoption application processing fee via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay. You may pay by credit card if you would like.

· Once payment is made, select RETURN TO MERCHANT and you will be directed to our online adoption application.

· Complete online adoption application and click submit at the bottom of the form.

Your adoption application will be forwarded to our volunteer team and you will be contacted within 10 days to begin the review process.

If you are unable to complete our online application, please contact us.

Pay $20 adoption fee