Adopt a Rescued Pug


Before applying please read this important information about the Application Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a pug from Pug Rescue of Florida!

We appreciate your desire to adopt a rescued pug/mix, however there are several things to consider before adopting –

· Are you ready for a lot of dog hair in your home? Pugs are cute, compact, and cuddly. But they are also stubborn, needy, prone to health issues as they age, and they shed…a lot!

· What is your current schedule? Pugs are truly companion animals which means they need be close to their people and they do not like to be ignored or left alone for long periods of time.

· Can you keep your pug cool? Because of their short muzzles pugs do not tolerate the heat very well. Especially since we all live in Florida it is important to understand that your pug is not going to be a great exercise companion. Except for short walks and potty breaks your pug must not be kept outdoors.

· Can you afford $1,000+ in pug expenses per year? Pugs are prone to health issues with eyes, ears, skin, breathing, and more. Most of the pugs/mixes that find their way to our rescue have serious health issues when they come into our care. We will get the pug/mix the medical care they need, but ongoing vet care, monthly preventative medications, and high quality food will be required.  Many pug/mixes will need additional (often expensive) medical are as they age.

· Rescued pugs are not perfect. Pugs/mixes come into rescue for a variety of reasons such as medical conditions, behavioral issues, changes in the family’s home/financial situation, etc. We will do our best to share what information we have about each pug/mix’s background. However, adopters must understand that each pug/mix in our care has been through many changes and will require time, patience, and a lot of love and support to be able to have his/her true personality shine through and settle in as a permanent member of your family.

BEFORE APPLYING please read this important information about the Application Process:

Everyone at Pug Rescue of Florida is a volunteer. We wear many hats - we foster pugs, travel to vet appointments, attend fundraising events, process a lot of paperwork, and more. We make every effort to respond to inquiries in a timely manner but often the days get away from us -- for this reason most of our communication will be via email

Not everyone who completes an adoption application will be contacted to continue with the adoption review process.  We receive hundreds of applications annually, usually multiple application for each adoptable pug/mix -- we read and review each application received and compare them to the needs of the pug being applied for. We do not have the resources to contact applications that don't provide complete information or do not meet the requirements for the pug/mix they are applying for.

READ the information on each pug's biography page carefully. If you are interested in applying to adopt a pug/mix please ensure you meet the stated requirements. All of these dogs live with our foster families and that means we know their story -- we understand what they have been through and what they need in a forever home. All decisions are made with the dogs' best interests in mind. Please do NOT email us and ask us to make an exception for you based on a basic inquiry -- if you believe you are genuinely the best home for one of our pugs complete the adoption application form and share your own story in detail.  

Once you have completed an adoption application please contact your vet and request/give them permission to send your pets' health records to Pug Rescue of Florida.  These records should be emailed to  If your veterinary reference(s) cannot verify care history, spay/neuter, heartworm, and vaccination status of your pet(s) then processing of your application will be stopped. Ideally we would like to see information covering the past 3 years of care. To move forward in the application review process your current pets MUST at a minimum be:

- spayed/neutered (unless your vet confirms this can not be done for health reasons)

- up to date on Rabies and DHPP (if under age 8)  vaccines

- given regular annual heartworm exams/administered consistent preventative medication

- well cared for on a consistent basis 

After the vet check is found to be good, the additional steps in the application review process will include:

- landlord check/verification of home ownership

- telephone interview

- home check by one of our volunteers

Once your application review has been completed you will then be able to talk with the pug’s foster parent and meet the pug in an agreed upon location.  If our volunteers determine the pug is a good match for your family, you will be able to adopt that pug.  We do not transport our pugs.  You must be willing to go meet and adopt the pug in or near their foster home.

All decisions on placing dogs in adoptive homes are based solely on the judgment of the volunteers and coordinators of Pug Rescue of Florida. We do not guarantee any pug to any adopter.  We do not operate on a first come, first serve basis.  

PROoF adoption fee schedule is: 

- Active Youngsters (0-4 yrs) = $650 and up 

- Adult dogs (4 to 9 yrs) = $450 and up; 

- Senior dogs (over 10 yrs) = $250 and up.  

Adoption fees for specific dogs will be discussed with approved adopters (please do not email us and ask for fees for specific dogs). Adoption fees go toward paying for the medical treatment of all of our rescued pugs including medications, surgeries, food, and other supplies while they are in foster care. Our medical expenses are over $200,000 annually as many of the pugs that find their way to us need extensive medical care including life-saving surgeries. We are an all-volunteer run organization therefore all adoption fees and donations go directly to caring for rescued pugs/mixes. 

Adoptions Outside of Florida: We sometimes adopt outside the state of Florida to experienced pug homes with excellent vet references but please note that the application process will take longer than normal to complete.  We must be able to find a volunteer in your area to complete our required home check AND you must be willing to drive to meet and adopt a pug in Florida once approved.  We do not transport our pugs out of state or work with transport companies. We also do not allow our pugs to fly in the cargo section of a plane.

Adoptable Pugs: You will find our available pugs here. This section of the website is a guide to help you in finding a possible match for your family. Please take the time to read each dog’s profile as this is the best way to learn about any medical/behavior issues, special needs, etc. If a dog is listed as “Medical Hold” this means that they are currently NOT available for adoption but will be once their medical care is complete. Please note: Not all dogs in foster care are on the webpage and not all dogs listed on the webpage are still available. We try to keep things updated but we do take in over 200 dogs a year. 

Pug Youngsters (4 years or younger):  We rarely have surrendered young pugs. If young pugs become available, all applications will be reviewed and the youngster will go to the home that meets all of PROoF’s Youngster requirements and that we feel is best to take on such a handful. If you meet all of PROoF youngster requirements (below) and want to give one our youngsters a great forever home, please note:  

PROoF’s youngsters have high adoption fees (a minimum of $650-850 AND UP).   If you know our rescue, you know these fees help pay medical expenses for the all dogs, including older dogs.   The average cost of vetting our rescued pugs and pug mixes is over $1,000 each and many are over $5,000.   We take ALL pugs regardless of age and/or medical condition and we don’t shy away from providing needed expensive treatments or surgeries that are in the best interest of the pug.  Thank you for understanding.



All Pug Rescue of Florida’s youngsters must go to a home with all of the following:

1. No only-dog homes.  Another small dog playmate that can put up with a youngster is needed, since they are very playful and energetic.

2. No big dogs please, they could easily hurt a young pug by mistake.

3. A fenced in yard and no busy intersections nearby.

4. No children under the age of 5.

5. The forever family must not be gone long hours (not more than 4 at a time) as a youngster does need to be monitored, nurtured and potty trained.  

To begin the adoption application review process you must

  1. Submit a $20.00 non-refundable application processing donation via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay. You may pay by credit card using this link.
  2.  Once payment is made, you MUST select "RETURN TO MERCHANT" and you will be directed to our online adoption application.
  3. Complete online adoption application and click submit at the bottom of the form.

If you are unable to complete our online application, please contact us.