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Pug of the Month March 2017

Brownie - Pug Rescue of Forida Brownie - Pug Rescue of Florida  Brownie - Pug Rescue of Florida

PLEASE HELP US HELP BROWNIE – We need to find Brownie a dog savvy, loving foster or adopt home by March 17, 2017.

A letter from Retha, PROoF President:
In all the years I have been in rescue, I have never seen a potty trained, healthy dog, sit in rescue for so long. His current fosters are leaving and we have been searching for a safe place for him for some time now with no luck.

If I didn’t already have a blind alpha puggle, an alpha female pug in a wheelchair, and an alpha female cancer pug in my small house, I would take Brownie in a minute, but I am out of spaces to separate out all my special challenges.

That’s the challenge, all of our existing foster homes that can handle anything out of the pug norm are already full. Brownie needs your help!!

He is a wonderful dog but since he has been with us for so long we understand that he needs a specific type of home. We take in all types of pugs and pugs mixes – some have severe medial issues that we have to help them with and some have other, not as obvious issues that we work to understand and then find great match foster/forever homes for.

We know this sounds like a long list, but we want Brownie and his new family to have a great relationship. He LOVES his people, but he isn’t always sure of other animals. He has so much love to give – he will keep you active with walks and playing fetch and then he will curl up waiting for belly rubs and a someone to nap with.

Below is a nutshell of what he needs:
• No cats (he likes to chase squirrels – assuming he’d do the same to a cat)
• A human that is home a lot. He has some separation anxiety at first
• Dog savvy person (terrier savvy even better)
• Only dog home would be best but if the other dog is friendly, he’d probably be fine. He doesn’t go after other dogs but not sure he’d back down from a fight. Again needs a dog/terrier savvy person.
• Fenced yard would be best, he loves his yard to play fetch and frisbee, but he likes walks too.
• No young children (he is not aggressive but when stressed or cornered he becomes fearful and could bite)

He is 110% potty trained and has zero known health issues. This just doesn’t seem like that hard of a home to find but it has been and of course he’s not a puppy either. He’s a great dog but he is more terrier than pug and he acts like a terrier. He needs a dog/terrier person that understands and loves the breed or wants to.

We do not want Brownie to have to spend his days in a crate. We think that would be a nightmare for him.

PLEASE don’t assume someone else will step up; so far, no one has. He needs a hero TODAY!
He has to have a place to go BY MARCH 17TH – THIS FRIDAY!!!!!

Please I’m begging you to help Brownie. I don’t know what else to say to make you all know how desperate this situation is, but it is!

If you have the ability to help, please send your foster app today, or forward this to a friend who may be able to help. Again, he is NOT a typical pug so we understand that he may not be the best match for many of you, but with the right family he will be a PERFECT companion!

If you have more questions, email us at PugRescueofFlorida@gmail.com and we will put you in touch with the people who have him now. They do love and understand him but are not in a position to take him with them. He wouldn’t be happy either. He sits and shakes from fear when in a car, and they just retired and are leaving to tour the U.S. in their RV.

Thank you so much,

Age: 9 Going On 5!
Sex: Male
Weight: 29 pounds
Breed: Pug/Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Color: Gold and WhIte
Fee: Adoption Fee is waived the month of March 2017 to approved home!  Otherwise, it is $100
Favorite things: Walks with his human and playing with his toys!
Location: The Villages

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!