Farley – Adopted

Farley Pug

Howdy Pug-lovers!!! My name is Farley, and I need a new home. Ideally, this home will include plenty of toys, treats, another dog who wants to play, and humans that love to spoil their little Pug!

Recently I joined the temporary grumble here at Pug rescue because my owner had some personal issues. I’m keeping my spirits up while patiently waiting for you to come get me. Foster Mom says I’m a happy boy and love playing with the other Pugs in the home.  The toy selection here is phenomenal, so I’m very busy checking out the fun. Plus, I’m very helpful to make sure dinner and treats are served in a timely manner. It’s a service I provide as a Foodie Pug!!!

My foster mom says I have the perfect blend of sass and charm. Full disclosure – she’s working on my manners because I tend to get excited when I see food. On a positive note, I’m a quick learner and already am sitting for treats & my dinner.  I love to cuddle, and absolutely hate bath time. Bath time is awful, I’d prefer to stay a stinky lil’ Pug, and leave the swimming to the mermaids. I’m potty trained and I will go into a kennel if you tell me but would prefer to sleep on the big bed with you. If you’ve ever heard that age old question “Who’s a good boy?” it’s me!

Please fill out an application for me today, I’m ready to come home.

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!