Paige (Daisy)

Paige (Daisy) came to us because her previous owner didn’t have time for her, and yet she never lost her love for people. Paige was nine and very vocal. She always let you know what she wanted. Her growls, grumbles, and whines, were a language all her own and her big expressive eyes spoke volumes.

Being her foster dad, I was so thrilled when she found her forever home three weeks ago. We made the transfer at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market in Pinellas. There I was, standing there crying, not caring what others thought, as I felt that pang of loss and yet so happy that her new life was beginning. She was now going to have the opportunity to be treated as special as she deserved, no longer seen as just an object that took up too much time.

Donna and Mike lost an elderly fur baby and they were left with a little old guy who was lonely. They welcomed Paige (Daisy) into their home and she was loving their attention and bonding with her pug brother.

We were all shocked when Paige (Daisy) died in her sleep a couple of days ago. We are all in disbelief. Her vet says she probably had an undiagnosed heart condition.

Even after a brief time in their home, Mike and Donna mourn her loss, as does all of those who knew her in rescue. What we can celebrate is that she was loved and cared for until her end. Paige (Daisy) was happy and peaceful at the end of her short life and she knew that she was wanted. Her grumbles and growls will not be forgotten.