Rainbow Bridge


December 25 2003-March 20 2016.

Bax was not a pug even though he thought he was. All curled up in the small dog beds Baxter was always so gentle and loving to all my foster pugs and my own pugs. He did not have a mean bone in him. Many of times the pugs would steal a toy away from him and all he would do is look at me to take it back. When my Emma got too bossy with him, he would take his paw and tap her as if to say knock it off.

Baxter got cancer at the age of twelve. I miss him terribly and I know the pugs feel the same. They have been so quiet since yesterday… he took such a big piece of my heat when he left.   Momma loves you to the moon and back my sweet precious boy.
-Sue W.


Sweet Oreo came into the Pug Rescue just over a month ago in pretty bad condition after being surrendered by his owner. He had a damaged eye, an infection and pneumonia! After having all his blood work done, he has been on antibiotics and is doing much better. While it’s still a long road ahead, Oreo is a fighter and will overcome these current setbacks. Through all this he still wants nothing more than getting a good petting, which really makes his curly tail go wild!



Ono is a sweet, petite little old lady pug who came into rescue as an owner surrender. She is totally house broken, used to being indoors, & use to being on the furniture & beds, as a true member of the family. She loved snuggling under the blankets with you.

She is spayed & up-to-date w/ shots. Ono is slightly arthritic & does have dry eye which is typical of the breed. Unfortunately with age she lost her hearing. She gets along fine w/ her dog brothers & sisters in her foster home. One of them has adopted her as her little sister & constantly by her side.

Ono will join our list of “Long Term Fosters” due to her dignified age. She need a nice warm lap to spend her days with. Do you have room in your heart & chair for this sweet girl to retire in?

If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!

Bella Ann

Bella is a sweet agreeable PUG girl with a personality that will bring joy to your life and make you laugh every day. She is an owner surrender that was well cared for before coming to rescue. Bella loves to talk to her humans. She really enjoys a good conversation. She likes to watch TV and will interact with every animal on the screen. Basically, she is a delightful little companion. She is totally housebroken, a loving senior pug – what we refer to as a “Velcro Slug”

Of course, Pug Rescue of Florida as already done full blood work, urine tests and a dental. Bella’s most recent blood work showed a little kidney inefficiency so just to be on the save side we started her on a prescription Kidney diet. It can’t hurt and we want to protect this National Pug Treasure for a long time. Now all she needs is a forever home. If you can provide this little gem with the retirement home she needs and deserves, please send your application today to adopt………you will be happy you did. Until then she is hanging in “the Villages” watching her favorite TV shows… Dog Whisperer and Animal Planet. Her adoption fee is only $100


Chuckie is a fawn male, approx 9 years old. Prior to Dec 2012 Chuckie’s life is a bit of a mystery, this is when he was adopted from a humane society where he came in as a stray. The home he was adopted into had some other dogs that did not take to him so they re-homed him and then in turn was re-homed again. His most recent family when through some changes and were unable to keep him, so they did a wonderful thing and reached out to us here at Pug Rescue of Florida.

After a car ride with one of our volunteer/foster Moms she decided he was the sweetest guy around and has kept him with a foster brother and sister, who he gets along with very well. He has been put on a grain free diet and seen our local vet and is scheduled for a dental soon. Unfortunately he appears to have little to no hearing but it does not keep him from doing anything. He goes to the door when he needs to go out and spends much of the day napping. He has a throw rug in the living room and a bed in Mom’s bedroom that he curls up in all night.

He is a broad chested boy and has lost a couple of pounds with his healthy new diet, so he is no affectionately known in his foster home as “Squishy boy” because you just want to squish up all his fur rolls and squeeze him.

Chuckie does appear to have some arthritis but we have him on some supplements and they seem to be helping. He is a very happy guy that is full of love.

Update….Chuckie has been diagnosed with diabetes and his foster Mom is working on getting him adjusted to his insulin and regulated. He is adjusting well and is a happy boy!


Hello, my name is Dewey! Sadly, I was found wandering in a rural area. I was hungry; thirsty; skinny and covered in fleas and bug bites. I hate to think it, but I’m pretty sure my former owners abandoned me out there, because it was a far way for a puggie to travel and no one was looking for me! After a while, I got scared and hid under a bush. Then thankfully, a nice rescue lady picked me up and got me to Pug Rescue of Florida.

My foster mom took me to the vet to be checked out. All my bloodwork and urinalysis turned out fine! However, the vet does believe I have a brain tumor. I am on medication twice daily for it which is really all that can be done at this point. The medication is Prednisone and it is very affordable. I will more than likely be on this medication for the long haul, but it helps me a lot! I will tell you more about that in a little bit.

I do very well with my foster sister pug, and also my foster brother and sister kitties. I think I would do well in a home with or without other pets. I mostly just love to be with my humans! My favorite spot in on my foster mom’s lap. Children concern me a little bit, so a home without small children would probably be best. I walk well on a leash and am doing good with my potty issues. My foster mom says I am about 95%, whatever that means! Could be her, could be me. I just know that I try to be a good boy and go potty outside. I do have an accident every once in a while but I do NOT mark in the house!

I have a little bit of separation anxiety, but as I get to know you and your home, I am much better. I do love to go with you everywhere I can, and I love to ride in the car! I will only bark if I hear a noise that needs to be investigated!

I would like to tell you more about my brain tumor. My tumor sometimes gets in the way of what I want to do, but I fight through it! The main symptoms of my tumor include restlessness and circling to the left side. I also tilt my head to the left. Sometimes I have “episodes” as well. They are not seizures and I remain conscious during them. No potty either. Basically, an episode consists of me circling a lot then finally laying down. I will always try to make it over to you before the episode takes over. At this point I need you to pet me and talk to me, and this will make me feel better. Please don’t try to pick me up at this time because it scares me. These episodes only last one or two minutes and once it’s over, I’m back to being happy little me! The episodes are unpredictable. I can have one a day, none during the day, or three….we never know. It does help if I get my medication in a timely manner.

I would like to tell all you humans that you shouldn’t feel sorry for me. I still love and trust all of you, even though my last humans were not kind and abandoned me at the time I needed them most. My foster mom and several other folks are making sure that I am living the best life that I can! I go to work with my foster mom, and we go on car rides and trips out to the country to walk and play with other dogs. I get to go swimming in the pool, eat lots of delicious treats, and play in the lake. My foster mom says it’s called a “bucket list” and we are making it happen!

I would love to have a forever home with someone who will help me experience the rest of my life in the best way possible! Are you that home for me? Please come and meet me, my foster mom says I am the sweetest soul she has ever met!

Roxy – UPDATE!!!

9-12-2015 Roxy update:

Big day for Roxy. She got her wheelchair today and she is ready to roll.

From Roxy’s foster mom: This cutie pie is a real character and an absolute joy to have in your home. She will make you smile every day. Please open your heart and your home to the “special needs” special girl. She deserves and needs a loving forever pug home.

Hello, my name is Roxy. I am a sweetheart of a little pug girl (and as you can see I am also adorable). I lived with the same owner and another pug my whole live. My owner did love me and tried to care for me, but circumstances changed and he surrendered me to PROoF. I am what people think of when they think pugs. I love attention; meal time and life in general. I am a very laid back pug but I do act very young for my …… truly age is just a number when it comes to me.
My foster mom tells everyone how I have filled her life with more love and kisses and snuggling than should be allowed. I love to go with my foster mom in the car or just hang out in the yard when it’s not too hot. My favorite spot is on someone’s lap.

I am up-to-date on my vaccines, and had full blood work & urine tests done. I also just had dental. Now all I need is a loving forever home. I do have some weakness in my hind end. I get around but but I do wear a diaper at night in case of accidents. I’m okay with that and I am looking for a loving home that doesn’t think a little thing like that is a big deal either.

So if you’re in the need of lots of snuggling and lap warming I’m the pug for the job. Please send your application today to adopt me.

Can’t adopt right now, pleases donate and help Pug Rescue of Florida help me and our fellow foster pugs.


Kevin came into the rescue five weeks ago from a shelter where someone dumped him. I was so lucky to get to foster him for his last two weeks. We lost Kevin o March 17, and my heart broke. He took a piece of my heart with him, he was such a gentle sweet boy. I only wish I had more time to shower him with love and spoil him. He was a very special boy heaven got a very special angel

Mommy misses and loves you.

Nicholas (Nicky)

NicholasIt is with a heavy heart that I tell you our Nicholas (Nicky) crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. We took in Nicky and his older brother, Sammy, as fosters over 6 years ago. They were a bonded pair, and although many people would have adopted Nicky, they didn’t really want Sammy because of his age. So we kept them both and made them permanent members of our family. Nicky was the first, and so far, only, black Pug we’d ever had.

It became clear early on that Nicky was Daddy’s Dog. He was never happier than when curled up on his Daddy’s lap, dozing and getting his head petted while Daddy watched television. He was a sweet happy Puggy with a bit of a white stripe on his curly black tail. His Daddy told him he had a skunk tail.

A little over a year ago, he was diagnosed with COPD. We fought with him, made sure he got his medicine and that he got a snacky with his pills because they tasted awful. But last night he went into a crisis and simply couldn’t breathe. Steve rushed him to our vet this morning; but there was nothing they could do.

Please post this on the Rainbow Bridge page; Nicky was a PROoF alumnus and actually raised a lot of money in the kissing booth during his first Pugsgiving. Now he can breathe easy and run and play like he used to.

In sorrow,
Steve and Susan Carroll, and Dougie (PROoF), Scotty (private rescue), Abby (PROoF), Ace (PROof), and Diana (private rescue)




Hello, my name is Biff. I am around 9 years old and weigh 28 pounds. I am a big boy but am a sweetheart. I am a very happy go lucky boy. I have to know where my foster mom is at all times. So, I am always following her around the house. I will lay at her feet and am always right by her side. I can’t see very well because I have cataracts on both of my eyes. I see well enough to keep track of where mom is though! I don’t jump on the furniture and like a nice soft bed to sleep on. The vet told mom that I don’t have much muscle mass on my back legs. I do walk and we go for walks twice a day. I don’t go very far and we are working at increasing the distance slowly. I am very good on a leash and have learned what is expected of me when we go on walks. I like to sleep on my soft doggie bed in foster mom’s room. As with all pugs, I can snore with the best of them. I do sleep most nights all night but I do cough some nights. I also am very food motivated and will steal the other dogs food if given the chance. I just want lots of hugs, loving and of course, food, food, food, some treats and then more food!!!

I am looking for my forever home. Are you the one? I just want someone I can grow old with and feel safe. Please can you complete my dream!!


BellaMiaI wanted to send a little note to let you know with sadness that Bella crossed the Rainbow Bridge last weekend. We adopted her, with her pal Brodie, about a year or so ago. Those two were definitely a matched set and always slept in the same bed; where he went so did she and vice versa. Sadly, Bella, passed away in my arms last Sunday.

Although our family is heartbroken by the loss, we were very fortunate to have been her forever family until the end. My 6 year old daughter summed it up best when she said, “Bella was my friend.” Our three other pugs (Brady (adopted 2006), Brodie (adopted 2013) and Buddha (adopted 2013)… all adopted through PROOF) are still being their puggish selves. We adore them.

Thanks for all you do for our pug friends!

The Goettsch Family


TyFirst of all, thank you Pug Rescue of Florida! I had no intention of adopting a pet at the time, but my daughter was fostering and little Ty came into her care. He was such a goofy little guy, couldn’t see well, couldn’t hear and had several health issues, I just felt he needed me. Ty made himself at home. He learned the layout of the house and had his route on the sidewalks outside. Everyone in our dog-friendly neighborhood knew Ty couldn’t see well and that he needed to smell your feet. My granddogs, Oliver the pug and Dexter the greyhound, knew to give him some slack as he didn’t recognize personal space. He loved to eat, was always underfoot, and was still able to get into mischief. How many times did I say “guess what Ty did today”?

About a year and a half ago, I lost my husband unexpectedly. How wrong I had been about Ty – it was clear I needed him. What a comfort having him here was. On July 15th, one month after turning 15 and exactly 18 mos after my husband passed away, Ty’s little body gave out. I never thought I would have him this long, and what joy, laughter and comfort he gave to me. I miss him, but I’m so grateful he came into my life




Hi there, my name is Dean and I’m a very special boy. I came to Pug Rescue in a bad way, I had been left in one spot for a very long time and lost all of the muscle in my hind quarters. I couldn’t even stand on my back legs. Now, I am enjoying doing some exercises (including swimming) with my foster mom and working hard to gain my muscles back. I can take a few steps and absolutely LOVE being in the great outdoors! My foster mom finds it amusing that when I want something, I’ll walk for it, but otherwise I prefer to scoot. I have a wheelchair on the way, as although I’ve made some progress, i’m not still not walking on my own. I can’t wait to go for a walk in my chair with all the other dogs!! I am fully house broken and although my poo doesn’t all stay in one spot, I don’t need any help and don’t get any on me. I scoot around the house just fine, drink when I’m thirsty, and try to climb on the couch with my family. Want to make me happy? Take me outside a few times a day and bring me up on the couch with you. I love to be pet, and held, and my foster mom says I’m just the sweetest guy. Do you need some lovin’? I’m just the pug for the job!


Our sweet pug girl Bella left us on July 27 to be with her buddy Bruschi, who we lost two weeks before her. She was a snuggly crazy pup who kept us safe from the planes in the sky, and the landscapers in the neighbor’s yards, and the random cars squealing on tv. she was never afraid to jump onto one of us and get right in our faces demanding some love and attention, and butt scratches were her favorite. she loved to climb onto piles of laundry and make herself at home and if you were spending too much time doing anything but attending to her she sure let you know. But her favorite above all was her buddy Bruschi, who she was never a minute without for five years from the moment he and i adopted her. They were joined at the hip and loved each other more than food and water. Watching her mope around for a week without him before she got sick herself was almost as heartbreaking as losing both of them. In a way it’s not surprising she chose to join him so quickly as her life without him made no sense to her. She went downhill quickly and we put her beautiful sweet self to sleep two weeks to the day after Bruschi crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. The only peace I have is knowing she is back with her Bruschi, and her other brother Boston, running around and causing trouble and snuggling up together happily the way they always did. We will miss her every single day and she will always be in our hearts.


BruschiOur beloved Bruschi (named after Tedy Bruschi of the New England Patriots) left us on July 13, 2014. I adopted him as a single girl and was lucky enough to love him for almost 6 years, through the end of my single years and into my married life with kids. He was one of the sweetest, funniest, goofiest, snuggliest adventures of my life. He loved to play fetch, snuggle next to his people and woke us up everyday at 630 running around for breakfast whether we had to get up or not! He loved his family and his best pug buddy Bella, who he was inseparable from for 5 years, and his younger pug brother Boston who left us just last month and was waiting for him at the rainbow bridge. He was forever trying to drink my coffee, and loved to play with other pugs.

No matter where I went he was at my feet patiently waiting for whatever came next. He had a life filled with adventure-car rides, road trips, beach days and dog parks. Sadly he developed a brain tumor and went downhill quickly during our vacation, his farewell tour across the country. We put him down because we loved him too much to let him suffer and he took his last breaths wrapped up in my arms with his dad and sister and i telling him how much we loved him and how much we were going to miss him. we were blessed to have his sweet love in our life and will miss him forever, and know he is playing chase with Boston up there drinking all the coffee he wants. We will love you always, sweet boy.


BoI would like to say thank you with a deep heart for allowing me to adopt BO. It was one of the most meaningful things I have ever done in my life and he has brought me such great joy and happiness that I could never explain. I adopted BO from pug rescue about 5 years ago, and Bo recently passed away on Saturday. He began to struggle in his 10 year tenure and his little body finally gave out, but he was a champ and never gave up, only his little body did. I loved him very much and gave him all the love that a pug deserves. Bo was a wonderful gift to my life, and he will always be loved and remembered.

Thank you from Amber David and Bo.




Chance is an incredibly sweet boy. He was taken in by a nice lady who found him wandering alone in the street. She tried to find his home but no one came forward. She wasn’t able to keep him so she contacted PROoF to make sure he found a good home. He is deaf and his vision is limited, neither of which slow this guy down. He learned to navigate his foster home with very little trouble. He’s even good with steps and stairs just not too many. He is so full of love and just wants to be near his person. He is a typical puggy shadow! He was really
scared his first night in his foster home and gets frightened in unfamiliar places. Every once in a while he appears to be a little lost and confused and simply needs a reassuring touch to guide him in the right direction. He is looking for a home that will be good for his laid back lifestyle.


Boston was our third pug from this wonderful rescue, which we also volunteer with. and while we hadn’t planned on being a three dog family, we went to transport him as a surrendered pup to the organization and he never made it past our house! He was a loving, energetic bundle of joy that filled a hole in our little family that we never realized we had until he arrived. He loved nothing more than to run around with his other pug brother and sister and the kids, jump in the pool to swim with them and snuggle up with his dad. He saved us from everything, from the vacuum to the mop to the basketballs in the yard-nothing was getting past him to hurt us. He was a snuggly lover who just melted into you when you picked him up and kissed everyone he met. He got more mileage on those little paws running around the house with the other dogs than i get on my running shoes. He was only two, and died during emergency surgery after becoming suddenly ill just three months after we got him from a condition he had probably had for a very long time, unbeknownst to anyone. We were lucky to find specialists who went above and beyond, and fell in love with his little face even when he wasn’t his happy self. people loved him everywhere we went. Our hearts are broken and we will miss him forever, and his little pug siblings are as lost without him as his people. But we are grateful that we got to give him such a happy life for the last few months he was in this world and know that he knows just how much we loved him every day. we were blessed to have been able to love and be loved by him.


ChelseaMy wife and I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for bringing the most wonderful two pugs into our lives 5 years ago.

Chelsea, our gorgeous fawn pug, left us this past Monday after post-surgery complications. Not only was she the light of our lives, but she was the joy, humor, and happiness of our household – along with her wonderful sissy SoHo. I’ve attached a photo of Chelsea for you guys to have.

We wanted to say a special thank you to Retha, who we’ve always referred to in front of the kids as Aunt Retha. My wife and I are truly devastated at the loss of Chelsea. She was our daughter and the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank you again so much for everything you’ve done for us and all that you continue to do.

Buddy and Sandy Hinkley


Lexi is a sweet, little girl with her share of problems. She was kept outdoors for over a year, not good for any dog – and especially not a pug! Check out her photos and imagine how much worse she must have been before coming into Pug Rescue of FL (PROoF) a month ago and getting vet care. Lexi has some trouble walking/standing up. She is deaf and blind, has severe skin issues and an X-Ray taken today showed she has an infection in her chest. We are getting her the care she needs to get well, but Lexi needs a special angel to help her and her special needs.

Buddha Boy

Hi There, My name is Buddha Boy. My owner died of a heart attack and there wasn’t anyone to
take care of me anymore. I was with my owner my whole life, 12 years. I was very scared when he died. My neighbor took me in so I wouldn’t go to the pound. She has a
couple doggies of her own and wasn’t able to keep me after all.That’s the story of how I ended up here at Pug Rescue of Florida with my foster family.

I like to sleep and cuddle, naturally! I love my furry foster brother and sister. I don’t mind kitties either. My non-furry foster brother is teaching me sign language, as I am deaf. I still love learning and being deaf hasn’t slowed me down one bit. I’m learning the usual commands but my favorite sign so far is COOKIE! I LOVE going for walks around the neighborhood and visiting the dog park when the weather is nice. Sometimes I need help with steps and getting in and out of the car. The only time I get a little nervous is when my foster brother and sister start running the Pugtona around the house! Those guys are so fast! I get knocked down easily if I get in their way.

I was born in Kansas and I’ve been told I’m a pedigree with papers, whatever that means! My
official name on my certificate is Mr. Tuff n’ Stuff but my name isn’t all that important as I can’t hear it that well anyway!

Larry, aka Chunk

It is with great sadness to let the Florida Pug Rescue Family know that Larry, aka Chunk, passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday 12/16/2013 from a ruptured heart valve. It happened very suddenly, with no warning while he was at work with Daddy. Larry did not die alone and hung on for 12-14 minutes knowing that Daddy was going to do everything he could to save him. Our little boy was quite the fighter, according to the animal hospital where Zach drove him to immediately. The vet did everything he could to save our son, Larry. He was the most amazing pug Liz and I have ever encountered and his little paws will never be replaced!! Larry lived the most amazing end of life any Pug has ever had. He went to work everyday and greeted every customer that came in the store. If sad customers came in, Larry made sure they were happy when they left. If there were small children that were crying, Larry put a stop to that every time. Larry touched more lives than his immediate family. What can be said best about Larry came from his extended friends and family from the business. Larry will never be replaced nor forgotten.

Love Mommy, Daddy, Katie, Zach, Nicholas & Arthur


Abbey is a 10 year old female fawn pug. She quickly adapted to her new foster home environment which included an elderly boxer mix. Abbey has difficulty coordinating her hind quarter movements which has not interrupted her ability to get where she wants to go! Where Abbey might not be a ballet dancer, she can hear and see very well! She loves her human companions — ever wanting to be near and cuddled.

Pee Wee

Pee Wee is an interesting pug fellow that will do best in a home with only one person. He is almost blind and almost deaf so needs help to get outside but he is fully potty trained. He likes to walk around once outside; enjoy the yard and sit in the sun on cool days. He’s doesn’t like cats but okay with other small calm dogs once he knows them. He dearly loves his “chosen” human but the problem is he tends to only love and trust one person in the house at a time. He snuggles and sleeps with his current foster mom and gives her kisses too. She can do anything to him and he doesn’t mind at all (bathe, clean ears, give eye drops etc.) Anything but cut his toe nails or express his anal glands…those are fighting words and best left to the vet to do. As for other humans, he often snaps at anyone that even tries to pet him….

It’s so weird to see, but obviously he’ll do best with one person and no children. We don’t know his history as he was found wandering down a road. All we can think is that someone tormented this boy to make him so un-trusting. We don’t know how he does it, but he knows immediately if the person touching him is his foster mom or not. He looks very approachable, even comes up to greet people sometimes, so we put a red bow on his harness, problem solved! This identifies him to visitors as the pug in the group that they should not pet.

Pee Wee is faithful when he loves you too. He still loves his first foster mom, recognizes her and kisses her when he sees her. As she says, Pee Wee loves deeply and once he loves and trusts you, its forever. If you can provide this boy a safe retirement home, please apply today to adopt him. He really is a good boy that is often misunderstood. He just needs someone that has the time and patience to get to know him. He will love you forever if you will. This adoption fee is only $100 and he is currently fostered in the Villages.


Aggie is a seasoned old girl of 14 plus years. Her owner, in his 80’s could not longer care for her due to his own medical condition. Aggie is fawn, 17 pounds, and has severe arthritis which has left her with mobility issues. She is house broken and lets you know when she needs to go outside. She has a loving heart and knows what is going on around her. Vision and hearing are good. Pug Rescue of Florida is planning to get a cart to help her get around. She has had a dental and now has fresh breath and clean choppers!

Please consider adopting Aggie. The senior dogs need love too and have so much love to give in their golden years.

Big Buddha

Big_BuddhaBig Buddha was a gentle giant of a pug, a sweet big boy loved by everyone who met him. He was only seven years old and deserved a better chance at life, but unfortunately we got him too late. By the time he came into rescue, he was the size of two pugs in one body, had trouble getting up from the floor, and had various untreated medical conditions. We only had him a short time before he died from complications related to extreme obesity. If he could send a message from the Rainbow Bridge, it would be to not overfeed pugs no matter how much they beg. Some people think fat pugs are cute or food equals love, but keeping them at a healthy weight is a matter of life and death. Love and pug kisses from Big Buddha.

Aunt Bea

Aunt Bea is a very sweet 11 year old plus female. She is small as far as pugs go, only 15 pounds with lots of pug rolls. She is great sleeper and loves back rubs.

Aunt Bea was quite sick when she came into foster care, with issues with her back, her eyes, skin AND her ears. Pug Rescue is getting her all the treatment she needs to feel like a happy pug again! Her vision is limited at best & her hearing about the same. We are all hoping both improve with treatment.

Her biggest struggle is pain she has LS disease (sciatica nerve pain arthritis) she is currently on pain medication and anti-inflammatory medications to keep her comfortable.

She likes very slow walks around yard & needs to go out often. She gets along great with dogs & is not interested at all in cats.

Aunt Bea is a loving lap dog who just wants snuggle time and a comfortable place to rest. She is not a fan of the crate, and her foster mom says she is quite vocal about that. Love Aunt Bea and want to adopt, fill out an application. Can’t adopt at the moment, but want to help? Pug Rescue of Florida is run fully on donations and without the support of our donors Aunt Beas treatment would not be possible, so please donate, we all sure would appreciate it :)


Hi, my name is Simba and I was just sprung from the shelter this week. I was very confused when i ended up there, especially since i am now hitting my glorious senior years, and those are the best ones! Despite this setback, i now feel like I have a new lease on life :). I had very dirty ears, probably some of the dirtiest around, but I was all cleaned up and already feel better! I can’t hear, but i am hoping now that my ears are clean i may be able to, only time will tell that. When I was getting my bath I laid down in the shower and enjoyed every minute, including a belly rub! I even let my friends cut my nails without a fuss!
I look forward to seeing my doctor so they can help me with my teeth, which have been neglected and are causing me trouble. I also may have ended up with kennel cough from being in that sad shelter so we will need to have that taken care of as well. I am one happy, loving boy who is looking for a forever home.


BrutusBrutus came to us in April, 2010. He was such a sweet boy. We know he had had a tough life before he came to Pug Rescue of Florida, but you would never know it if you met him, because of his gentle nature. He was adopted by a couple who loved him, one of whom was a pastor, and Brutus spent many days in the church office, where he got lots of attention and love. Brutus passed away on February 13, 2013, after a brief illness. Our buddy Brutus will be missed be many. Thank you, and thank you for sharing Brutus with us.

John W. Caster – First Presbyterian Church Zephyrhills, FL


I am Leopoleon. My foster mom says I have a big name for the big lug of a pug I am. I am 14yrs old and despite my age I have no known health issues. I came from a home where I was loved all my life. My previous owner loved me but had medical needs that were going to keep her from caring for me so she surrendered me to rescue to be sure I continued to get flawless care. Unlike many older pugs… I can hear you… and I can see you. I can also do all 16 steps in and out of my foster home 5x’s a day.. with NO help! I only have one downer and that is that when I sneeze or cough…. I leek a lil urine… But they make bellybands for that and it doesn’t hold me up at all! I even hear it happens to pregnant humans sometimes. Lol I am in no way a guard dog…. I’ll let anyone in…. They won’t get out so quietly though because I like to bark at you when you leave. I only hoot and holler for a minute or so, then I stop. Despite my age I love to give chase… I’ll run up to you and when you turn to grab for me you better plan on chasing me because I think it’s fun! My foster dad lays on the floor and plays and grabs for me while I bark at him and run around him. On a calmer night I like to play sneeze wars. I’ll sneeze at you and then you sneeze back… I sneeze at you and then you sneeze back…. I think it’s fun! And it will no doubt put a smile on your face. I am looking for a home who has a nice cooshy doggy bed as I do not care to sleep in bed with you. I’ll just toss and turn all night long. So if you’re looking for an older gent with lots of character… then I’m your man! If you are my love match, please send your application today to adopt me. Love me but can’t adopt right now, please donate to help my pug rescue friends pay all the vets bills they take on to help us pugs.

Carl “The Legend” Puvogel

Carl “The Legend” Puvogel
Adopted  2-14-2007 Deceased: 12-31-2012

We had to say goodbye to our faithful friend, Carl, yesterday. Carl came into rescue in 2006, he was at least 10 years old then and probably older. He had been abandoned by his owner and the people who took him in tossed him in the backyard to live because they didn’t think he was potty trained (wrong!! He was one of the best potty trained pugs I’ve ever had). When he came to us to foster, I had told my husband, Doug, that if Carl was not adopted by V-Day, I didn’t want flowers, I wanted him to adopt Carl for me. So on V-Day, out came Carl in a red coat and a red harness. He has been our little buddy ever since. Carl lived much longer than anyone thought he would. Of course, for the last couple of years we carried him a lot and hand fed him, but as long as you remembered to take him out, he still went potty outside, ate like a pig and loved to snuggle in bed with you at night. Like people when they get old, Carl didn’t have the life he had when he was younger but he had a great old dog (or human) life – napping, eating, snuggling. So, yesterday we tried to be philosophical about Carl’s passing. We had given him a wonderful life and he was about 120 in dog years when he died, but today our hearts are aching because he was such a big part of our lives and we are missing him horribly. He was such a good boy, always there for us and no trouble at all. We wish dogs could live forever but just like humans, they can not, but unlike humans they give nothing but love and devotion to the people they are with everyday they are here on earth. We are so happy Carl came to live with us and have loved having him in our lives for so many years. I always tell the story of the nice lady that wanted to adopt Carl in 2006 but her partner wouldn’t let her because he was old and wouldn’t live that long (Wrong again). We had 4 younger dogs when we adopted Carl, two of them died years ago of cancer, one at 7 one at 9. I also already lost 2 sisters one at 45 one at 49. So, we truly understand that you never know how long you or your dog will live. Doug and I both agree that when we are able to add another dog to the herd, it will be a senior dog and only a senior dog. They are special and bring special things to your life. People that have never adopted a senior dog are missing out. We can not imagine not having had our sweet Carl in ours.

We love you Carl and we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Retha & Doug

Cathy McNees

Our dear friend and fellow pug rescuer, Cathy McNees passed away Nov. 20th, after a long hard battle with cancer. Cathy was a brave, loving and kind person who never complained. She set a wonderful example for all of us. She was also a person who truly loved dogs, especially pugs. We were lucky to have known her and to have had her skills in rescue. She gave freely of her time to help the pugs, providing countless hours volunteering for PROoF. As sick as she was, Cathy was still making calls last week trying to get pugs settled into forever homes. She was an amazing and beautiful woman… inside and out. May she be lifted into Gods loving arms and be waiting for her rescued pugs, Pepper and Bubba at the Rainbow bridge. Cathy will be sorely missed. We send much love and healing thoughts to her family at this difficult time.

This is our favorite photo of Cathy, smiling as always, at a meet and greet with her beloved rescued pug, Pepper.

Paige (Daisy)

Paige (Daisy) came to us because her previous owner didn’t have time for her, and yet she never lost her love for people. Paige was nine and very vocal. She always let you know what she wanted. Her growls, grumbles, and whines, were a language all her own and her big expressive eyes spoke volumes.

Being her foster dad, I was so thrilled when she found her forever home three weeks ago. We made the transfer at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market in Pinellas. There I was, standing there crying, not caring what others thought, as I felt that pang of loss and yet so happy that her new life was beginning. She was now going to have the opportunity to be treated as special as she deserved, no longer seen as just an object that took up too much time.

Donna and Mike lost an elderly fur baby and they were left with a little old guy who was lonely. They welcomed Paige (Daisy) into their home and she was loving their attention and bonding with her pug brother.

We were all shocked when Paige (Daisy) died in her sleep a couple of days ago. We are all in disbelief. Her vet says she probably had an undiagnosed heart condition.

Even after a brief time in their home, Mike and Donna mourn her loss, as does all of those who knew her in rescue. What we can celebrate is that she was loved and cared for until her end. Paige (Daisy) was happy and peaceful at the end of her short life and she knew that she was wanted. Her grumbles and growls will not be forgotten.

Jackie Chan

I am around 12 years old. You can call me Jackie Chan, Jack-Jack, Jack Black, Jackorama, Black Jack, Jacques. Precious, Sweets, Sweet Pea… I don’t mind what you call me, because my former owner never did call me, or care for me the way she should have. You know, neglect is abuse, and I was neglected terribly. Luckily, my former owner called Pug Rescue of Florida, and my Foster Mom came to get me lickedy-split! She heard that I was being kept in a crate all the time and that I had diabetes. I don’t think my Foster Mom thought I was going to survive the trip to her house in the car, I was so bad off! My ears were so bad I couldn’t hear a thing. My nails so long I could hardly walk. Yes my teeth are funky and cause an ever present sore on my upper lip. My eyes are so bad, I can hardly see. I have lost a lot of fur around my neck because I had fleas something fierce. I am a little underweight too. I do look a bit pitiful, don’t I? My Foster Family gave me several baths to soothe my skin, clipped my nails so I could walk, cleaned out my ears, and cleaned my teeth. Whew! That felt sooooo good! I LOVE going to the Spa!
Now I have a spring in my step! A wag in my tail! I love hanging out with the other Pugs in the house, and just being by humans. Do you think I could be the dog for you? I might look a little funny, but I am all the sweeter! I am in Tampa.

Update – My diabetes is under control now, I have gained weight back, and the sore on my lip is gone! Some of my hair on my neck is growing back too! I get around so well with my limited eye sight, and you wouldn’t even know it! I get a special dog food, my insulin twice a day and special drops for my eyes that my Vet prescribes twice a day. I love walks, playing with other dogs my size and sleeping. I am more energetic than I was when I came to Pug Rescue of Florida, I am up to date on all my shots and am neutered. My foster mom calls me twinkle toes! I love being around other dogs my size, but would also do well with no other dogs in the house. Older children, like 9 and up would be good for me as well. Are you ready for all of the love I can give you? I am!

Complete an adoption application here. If you love me but can’t adopt me, please send a donation to help pay medical bills for not just me but my fellow foster brothers and sisters. They sure could use it!hospice

I am in Pug hospice care. See more Pugs in hospice care.


My precious pug left us 9.21.12 and crossed the rainbow bridge. Pug came to pug rescue with lots of medical problems and had to have a few surgeries and treatments to help him live comfortably. The lack of attention he got from his previous owner damaged his heart and caused heart failure and that’s what caused him to cross the rainbow bridge. Pug – my Chihuahua/pug mix didn’t know lots of love in his life. While in my care, he learned that people can give lots of love and kisses for no reason very quickly. At the beginning he was very uncomfortable and growled when I tried hugging him. Pretty quickly he started giving me kisses back and asked for more and more. My beloved pug was so smart and became one of my best friends. I used to sit with him every time I needed some peace and quiet and he was so happy to sit on my lap and chew one of his bones. All he wanted was to love and to be loved. He loved going for walks with me and smell the plants. The frogs and lizards fascinated him and he liked to chase them every time he could. My baby understood everything that was told to him in any language. He was so obedient and knew exactly what I was telling him to do or not to do. With time and lots of love he became pure love. Never complained when he went to the vet for painful treatment (every week) and still kissed me on the way back and forth from the vet. He was such a good teacher for me and taught me a lot about dogs and love and I miss him soooo much. I miss the kisses and his beautiful eyes looking at me with so much trust and love. Pug was 10 when he left me. Way to soon….

Pug – I hope you know, your foster mommy misses you soooo much and hopes you are still the same happy loving boy you were with me. Thank you for everything you have taught me. My pure loving little boy. Good bye for now…. we will meet again….


HopeIt is with sad hearts that we need to inform you that Hope (formally Ping) has passed away. She passed away due to kidney failure on good Friday. If you knew her you knew her tail and yes her entire hips were always wagging. Her tail was wagging as she passed. We had hoped that we would make her last year or so a great year for her, however she made it the best year we ever had. Just know she’s up in heaven with all the other rescues and making them just as happy as she did us.

Clarence and Penny Tibbs


Star, nicknamed Miss Vivian by her foster mom, came to pug rescue as an older girl. She did not know her name, did not react to toys, and was unaccustomed to being picked up. In a few short months, she has come a long way. This dignified older lady is an absolute sweetheart who is very content to be near her person. She gets along extremely well with other dogs, and will occasionally share a bed with her foster pug sibling Emma — pugs love other pugs! She is housetrained and will tolerate short walks. She will navigate going up short steps (two or three) but will not walk down them and has to be carried — possibly because her vision is imperfect. She pushed her favorite bed under an end table and that has been her favorite place to sleep and watch the household activity — she created her own pug condo! At night, she sleeps contentedly on the bed with her foster mom. This gracious, dignified older girl is a true joy.


It is with a heavy heart that I tell you my sweet foster pug girl, Chi, died in my arms this morning. Chi had been battling for her life since last week. Her little spirit was willing but today her body gave out. She just stopped breathing and was gone.

Chi came into rescue when she was dumped at the Polk County Shelter to die. Her poor little body had been pushed beyond it’s limits to produce puppies year after year after year but her spirit was never broken. (Please people stop buying puppies!) She was the sweetest little pug you ever wanted to meet. She liked everyone and everything she met, especially kids. She absolutely loved kids. I have attached a couple of photos of her snuggling with my great great nephew, Aidan, when he was visiting this summer. Aidan had gone to bed on an air mattress in my laundry room and the next thing I knew she had run in there and gotten in bed with him and snugged in for the night. She was in heaven.

My husband and I loved her like our own and will miss her horribly. As heart broken as we are today, we want everyone to know that we would not have given up the joy of having Chi in our lives to avoid this heartbreak. She was absolutely worth it and we were blessed to have been able to give her the love and care she deserved. We are so happy she had some time at our home aka “Pug Paradise” before she had to go.

I hope each and everyone of you reading this has the opportunity to give a senior a chance to live the good life before they have to go, a chance fill you life with the love and joy that only a senior pug can bring. Trust me when I tell you it’s more than worth the heartache in the end.

I know she will be waiting for me across the Rainbow Bridge with that funny little smile that was always on her adorable face.


Walter is a wonderful ten year old pug. He loves to nap and eat. He is 23 pounds, house-trained, and he loves to sleep in his many dog beds. Walter needs a quiet home and a warm lap. He does a little dance for his food and he rarely barks. He is truly a joy to have. He is a senior gentlemen with a big heart. He asks for very little but gives a lot of love in return! Adopt him today you will be glad you did. His adoption fee is $100 and is located in Tampa.


She just turned 8. She blessed our family from the day we met and almost two years longer than the doctor’s diagnosed her with inoperable cancer. Thank you so much & God Bless.

Linda Gardner


Oh my Bobby, you changed my life, you made me the person I am today.

I don’t know why I wanted to adopt a senior pug, I have no idea, somehow it just happened. The first time I met Bobby, I cried. Here was this little hunchback black pug that couldn’t see or hear and had a big bold patch around his neck where he had obviously been chained up for most of his life. He had one eye that was no good to him and wouldn’t close and bad arthritis in his back legs. I knew instantly I had to adopt him. When I went to collect him from his foster mom I cried again. This little boy had already dug a place in my heart.

I could not believe how quickly he adapted to his new family of five other dogs and found his way around the house almost immediately. He seemed so fragile and yet so strong. The first night I put him on my bed to sleep, placed him between my legs as I was afraid he would fall off the bed. I hardly slept all night but he slept like a little angel.

I remember the first time I took him to the doggie park with two of my other dogs. I carried him in my arms and two young boys passed me and told me Bobby looked like he was dead, I looked at them and said ‘ he is far from dead, in fact his life is just beginning’.

Every day every month was a blessing. I remember suddenly one morning when I went to wake him up ( he loved to sleep late ) I put my face down close to him and he kissed me. I have never been happier.From that day on he did more and more loving things. He would work his way from the bottom of the bed up to my chest to be close to me. He would sit on the sofa next to me and rest his head on my leg. When I was working he would sit under my chair and sleep. He was so happy I knew it and that made me happy too.

Bobby was 12 years young when he came to me and I had him for a precious 22 life changing months. I love all my dogs equally but this little pug had been deprived of all the love they have known on a daily basis.

Right until the very end he was full of love. He had been quite sick , we had more bad days than good days, but suddenly we had one very good day, he ate well, drank, enjoyed being outside and was just like a young man again. I knew he was really sick but that day was so precious. The next day he was really poorly, in the evening I picked him up to cuddle him on the sofa and for the first time ever he pushed me away – with all his strength he pushed me away, he looked deep into my eyes and I knew…. I knew what he was telling me. He always slept on the bed but this night I knew because he told me that he wanted to be alone. I took him into my office and made him a bed and covered him so he would be warm. I kissed him goodnight and went to bed. I slept so well that night but awoke early that morning and ran to the office, as I entered Bobby took his last breath, I felt his heart and my heart broke, he had left to go to Rainbow Bridge – to wait for me.

My legacy to Bobby is that if anyone ever hesitates about adopting a senior pug, stop and think again…. think deeply again and though Bobby took a piece of my heart with him to Rainbow Bridge – I am a changed person because of him.

Bobby Died Dec 10th 2011.


Morticia’s passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She blessed our lives from Sept. 30, 2003 (the day this picture was taken) till this month, Nov. 3, 2011. We believe she was 5 when we got her.

Sadie Sue

Hi, my name is Sadie Sue. No one knows much about me since I was found wondering, lost and alone in busy intersection. A nice woman picked me up and took me home. She couldn’t keep me and surrendered me to Pug Rescue of Florida. When I came to Pug Rescue, I had hair loss, was underweight, and had several tumors. I was so scared and didn’t know who to trust. Pug Rescue tried to contact my owner but my owner never responded. Can you believe that? I gave my unconditional love for 10 years and when I needed surgery, I was discarded and forgotten. I did have surgery to remove six tumors, one the size of a baseball. I had to have 47 staples to close the incisions. My foster mom said I handled it like a real trooper. I now have all the staples out.

I get along pretty well with all the other dogs in my foster home. Sometimes I can be a diva and want to show the other dogs that I am the queen of the house. My foster mom gently reminds me I can’t do that. Of course I can’t hear her when she talks because I am deaf. I love to lay on my foster mom’s lap in the evenings. I am kind of spoiled because I sleep on the bed at night most of the time. I do like a pillow or small bed of my own. I am housebroken and love to go for walks. If you think I would be the right girl for you, please fill out an application today.

Prince Pugsley

Prince Pugsley, age 15, the very first dog ever featured on the Winter Park Doggie Art Fair T-shirts has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His adoptive home was “pug-perfect” with doggy door for his outdoor adventures, a choice of 4 beds, two geriatric doggy playmates, adoring humans, and lots of hugs, kisses and belly rubs. Prince Pugsley was an unusually mellow, gentle spirit, and we miss his snorts and snores and soft fur.


Today my sweet boy, Foster, passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Foster came to PROoF in June, dumped with 19 other dogs at 3 am at Clay County Animal Control. He was a suspected breeder stud since all the dogs dumped appeared to be purebreds. He had a open, raw tumor on his hip about the size of a baseball. Even with that to deal with he was nothing but loving and sweet from the day we met. PROoF had the tumor removed but the cancer was in his blood and lymph nodes so we knew it was only a matter of time for poor Foster. It took three months for him to heal enough that my area coordinator was comfortable moving him to another foster home. Since September 10th I have had the joy of this little fella in my life full time. My whole goal was for Foster to learn to trust humans and to know he was loved before he died. Today as the doctor relaxed him with a sedative he was lying in my lap being told he was a sweet boy and that he was loved. As he snored away, my daughter and I kept loving on him and telling him he was a sweet boy and loved through the next and final shot. We only stopped after the doctor, who was crying by this point, listened to his heart and declared him gone.

I always tell my kids you can not control the cards life deals you but what defines you as a person is how you play those cards once dealt. Sweet Foster didn’t deserve the cards this life dealt him. But he played his cards with good cheer and love. He is a role model for me and has proved to me once and for all I have the strength to continue to foster with PROoF even when I know these precious pugs will only be in my life for a short time. Please consider fostering so you too can have the wonderful memories and know the joy that Foster brought into our home


Sally was a sweetheart…a sweet old girl who was found wandering in the woods in a rural area where folks are known to dump their dogs. She was old and blind and helpless. After a few days a kind lady took her in and called PROoF….she was truly rescued by strangers who cared. Sally was tiny and had the belly of a dog who had delivered many puppies. Her money making days were past and so was her worth to her owners so they left her to die in the woods. She had long since lost her sight but could find her way around her foster home as well as the sighted Pugs. Her dry eyes required almost constant medication. At 12 lbs she was no trouble for her foster mom to carry her around and she enjoyed the times on the sofa when she could be held and cuddled…away from the other fosters. Sally had a month of a soft bed, a full food bowl, clean water and all the love she could handle before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I hope she knew she was loved and cared for at the end….not all dogs get to know that care and not all foster moms are blessed to get to experience the gentleness of such a wonderful old girl Pug…Sally will be missed.

Shatzi Marie

Shatzi Marie crossed the rainbow bridge Friday night. Shatzi came to Pug Rescue of Florida after being dumped at Polk County Animal Control by people that called themselves dog rescuers. I’m sure they thought they loved her but sadly they didn’t get her the medical care she needed. When she came to us, her teeth where rotting out of her head and she had a walnut sized tumor on her hip that we removed but unfortunately it was malignant.

After recovering from her tumor surgery, getting her teeth cleaned and getting rid of all the infection in her mouth, she happily stumbled around her foster home with the other pugs and slept in the bed with her foster mom until the day she died. She was a sweet old pug, no trouble at all. Even in her final days, she ran to the door to go outside to potty. What a good girl she was. We are glad to have been able to give her a loving home in this last year of her life.

Major – September 7, 2011

Dear Pug Rescue,

I am writing to inform you that I lost my best friend Major early this morning. I rescued him back in November of 2010 from a foster mom named Amber. Major was attacked by another dog in July 2010 prior to coming into rescue, losing his eye and suffering traumatic facial injuries. I was looking into rescue for months before I came across Major’s photo and story. I know this sounds crazy but I knew that I loved him before I met him and that we were meant to be together forever. I went to events to meet other pugs and all I could think about was Major. I made the drive to Tampa to meet Major. As soon as I walked in Amber’s door, Major jumped into my lap and curled up. According to Amber, Major had never done that to a stranger before. I finalized the paperwork that night and Major and I drove to his new grandma’s house. Major was right at home with his new family. Since rescuing Major, he has become the king of my castle and has enjoyed some of the happiest days of his life. Everyday Major woke me up by putting his face in my face and just standing there until I woke up. Then he would bring me all of his friends (Sylvestor, Piggy, Monkey, Octopus, Puppy, and Mr. Penguin). Major and I went for daily walks and he quickly became the talk of the neighborhood. One of Major’s favorite things in the entire world was car rides. All I did was say the word car and he was flying for the door. I would secure Major in the car and he would bark until the car started to move. We would go on local road trips to friend’s houses or the pet store and long distance to grandma and grandpa’s house. There was nothing that I didn’t love about Major. Unfortunately, I had little history on Major’s past and within a few months of rescuing him began noticing scary symptoms. I drove straight to the Emergency vet and followed-up a few times a week with my vet. Major was diagnosed with Addison’s disease after much testing and placed on daily medication. Unfortunately the new medication made him more susceptible to infection/injury/delayed healing. Major developed a corneal ulcer in his remaining eye. I took him to the opthamologist a few times a week for a few months to save his eye. The vet had little hope for saving his vision, but my little trooper pulled through and lost very little vision. Despite daily medication for Addison’s disease, Major had episodes of ataxia and pacing that would sometimes last for hours. I would just try to comfort him until it passed and everything went back to normal. Yesterday was different, after Major had one of these episodes he suddenly became unresponsive and had difficulty breathing. I grabbed him and headed straight to the vet. The vet decided to intubate him to help him breath. Major was transferred to the emergency vet for observation for the night. I called every couple of hours to check on him. The last call I placed was at 12 am. According to the nurse Major was still lethargic and not very responsive (which could be due to the medications) but had stable vital signs and was doing ok. I said prayers for Major to recover and planned on picking him up at 6 am. I snuggled up with Sylvestor and fell asleep. My cell phone rang around 1:30 am and I was informed that Major had passed away. I drove to the vet to say my goodbyes. The exact cause of death was not determined but there was suspicion that Major was having atypical seizures without the convulsions and may have aspirated saliva. This has truly been one of the worst days of my entire life and all I want to do is just hold my best friend and know that everything will be alright. The only thing I have to hold on to is the promise I made Major the day I adopted him and that was that I would give him the best life he has ever known. I will forever miss Major singing to me when I came home, bringing me all of his little friends to play, snuggling as close to my face as he possibly could, and going for car rides. Major was very special to me and touched more lives than he will ever know (and he definitely turned a lot of people into pug lovers). I know this is not the happy ending story that pug rescue likes to hear but I just wanted to let you know how much Major meant to me and changed my life forever. I know that he is now in a better place where he will never be sick again but I will always miss having him here with me. I put Major’s life in God’s hands and I know that Major has served his purpose in life. I’m just sorry that the beginning of his life was only 1 year ago. Thank you for everything you do to save pugs and give them new lives. It does not go unappreciated. I have attached some pictures of Major.

To Major: I will love you forever. Thank you for being my forever best friend. My little man, moo, moo bear, maj, mooey, monkey. I will see you again when we cross the Rainbow Bridge together, but for now you are in a very special place in my heart.


Jackson Jones “Jacky”

Jackson Jones was the love of our lives! He was a wedding present from our Best Man and his wife. “Jacky” was named after the late, great Michael Jackson; who sadly passed just before we adopted our baby. Jackson came home with us to his forever home on August 1st, 2009. We shared exactly 23 magnificent months with the best pug ever! He was absolutely a cherished member of our family and he touched so many people’s lives… Jacky was an adorable, mild mannered pug; who loved people! He loved to give wet, loving kisses to all! He loved his Mommy and he loved his Daddy; and we are devastated to have lost him much too soon. We know Jacky would have wanted us to celebrate his life; and he will never be forgotten! We also know that Jacky would have wanted us to rescue more pugs and give them loving forever homes like we did for him!

Heather & Kevin Jones


Mollie 15yo (1996 -2011) A loyal and loving family member of the Whitaker’s who will never be forgotten. But the love she gave to them was only a start, her generous pug spirit gives to PROoF. Mollie’s cart has been donated to us, so that others like her can go on their appointed pug rounds. Her family has given to Pug Rescue in her name and their concern for her quality of life continues to give back. Please give them some well deserved thanks for thinking of other pugs during this tough transition on Facebook.


KiwiKiwi was the sweetest little teddy bear one could ever imagine. She was loyal to her humans to a fault. We had her with another pug, Jewel, who we also loved so very much. Kiwi was the quiet and non-demonstrative alpha female that never felt a need to show she was boss. But if Jewel ever got bent out of shape (when she would be “stepped on” by us in the kitchen because she kept getting under foot), she wouldn’t get snippy with us but would rather take out her consternation on Kiwi. Jewel would start it, but “soft-spoken”, gentle, sweet, Kiwi would finish it (we would have to separate them quickly – which I found out could be “risky” as I still have the scar of Kiwi’s bite on my thumb.) Kiwi was PROoF positive that the greatest joy can come in the smallest packages.


Oscar was 11 years old when he came into Foster care, but his forever home wasn’t too far away. He was adopted by his foster parents, and pampered and loved till the very end. Oscar was very playful, and loved to raid the wastebaskets for tissues and paper to chew on. Although he slept in the bed with his family at night, during the day, he was King of the House in his very own claw-foot pillowed bed (you may have seen him in it while he was going to events at Petsmart – His mom wouldn’t let him travel without it – and carried him in like a King J!) He loved his daily back rubs, treats, being groomed, and going for walks. He truly lived out his golden days surrounded by a loving family, and will be missed deeply.


Jayson Richards

Jayson Richards died suddenly on Sunday and we will miss him dearly. Jayson was a true angel to the pugs and to Pug Rescue of Florida. He was just at my house Friday night delivering silent auction items for Pugsgiving and loving on my foster girl, Maggie. He was so excited about Pugsgiving coming up and so willing to help Pug Rescue in any and every way possible. I wish we had 20 more Jayson Richards. He had such a loving helpful spirit for the pugs. Like I told him Friday night, he was a Pug Rescue Rock Star. The pug love of his life is named Anak.

Jayson’s partner, Jay, and Jayson’s friends are asking that in lieu of flowers, people make a donation in Jayson’s honor and memory. That of course is what Jayson would have wanted.


Arcadia Rocko, Jr. aka the “Gene Simmons of Pugs”, “Rocko Rambunctious”, “Rocko Ripshitz” or whatever other loving nickname Pug Daddy George came up with, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge June 23rd, 2010. He was born March 19th 1996 in New York with AKA papers and an attitude. Somehow he ended up in Florida, waiting for the right family to adopt him. We were lucky enough to be that family. He was a little over a year old when we took him in. He had a full healthy life. He was a great advocate for Pug Rescue. He got me through cancer and according to my husband, George, taught him more than any person ever could. We love and miss him very much.


Olive was a very sweet and calm little girl with a fondness for carrots and pineapples. She lost her left eye in infancy, and her hearing as she grew, but never let it hold her back. She was nearly nine when she passed on.


Mufasa was a little lion of a pug with a big heart and a fluffy coat to match. He was 8-10 years old when he crossed Rainbow Bridge. Mufasa struggled with the limitations of being blind and deaf, but he didn’t let that stop him from loving those around him and living life.


Chester came to Pug Rescue in October when the temperatures were in the nineties. Someone had tried to sell him on Craig’s List but when he didn’t sell they turned him loose to roam the streets. After several days, a lady took him in and he stayed on her porch until PROoF came to get him. You could hear his breathing from the front yard. Putting him in air conditioning didn’t improve his breathing any. The heat had ruined Chester permanently.

During the following months, Chester had two soft palette surgeries but neither of the surgeries improved his breathing. During the second surgery, it was determined that his vocal cords had collapsed. Later, another surgery to tie back the vocal cords and give him more airway showed that he had serious windpipe complications. At that time, he was given an airway opening through the front of his neck. He stayed in the pet hospital for over a week before being released. Chester had to have care 24/7 to clear the airway when it would become clogged due to being so small as with most pugs. His skin folds would obstruct the airway.

Chester lived for six weeks before passing away.

Chester was a beautiful, sweet boy who was deeply loved by his foster mom, Ayisha. She and her husband, Chris, took care of him through all of his problems. They loved him and took the best care of him they could. All of our pugs deserve to be loved and to have the security of a good home. Chester had more health problems than most of our pugs but PROoF provided him with the best veterinary care possible, as we do with all our pugs. The expense isn’t the issue. The issue is giving the pugs the best we can give them. However, PROoF needs help to meet the daily expenses of saving our pugs. Routine vaccinations cost money. Having the dogs spayed or neutered cost money. Surgical procedures cost money. Heartworm treatment and treatment for skin problems cost money.

Please help by donating to Pug Rescue so that we can continue to help precious pugs like Chester.


Boss was an extremely affectionate and energetic pug, who loved sleeping on the bed and never let his deafness slow him down. He was already twelve years old when he made it to Pug Rescue, and he never found a forever home, but he had a wonderful final year in foster care, and when he passed away in November 2010, he was loved.


Alice was rescued by PROoF from a high-kill shelter in Lousiana. Unfortunately, Alice tested heartworm positive but she happily lived out her life with her foster family. Alice came to rescue with another pug, Jasper. Alice loved Jasper very much. She will be sorely missed.

Ming Ling

For one year, Yvonne and I were blessed by having Ming Ling as part of our family. She was a great teacher and our lives have been enriched and forever changed because of her. She really was like that “Little Old Lady” living out her retirement years with us. She was beautiful and she was perfect and we will miss her dearly. For those who hesitate to adopt we say to you, do not waste one more second thinking about it. Every second lost is a precious moment that you could have spent with a special and dear friend.


IgorYesterday, I had to send my baby to the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve written a couple posts about him, in both the neuro and mobility sections. Igor was a 1? year old pug that came to me as a foster nearly 2 years ago. He was picked up as a stray and turned into the Humane Society. They estimated him at at least 10 years old and considered him geriatric. Naturally, the pug rescue got involved, and I, a foster parent, took him in.

He came to me half blind, deaf, probably with half his teeth, bad hips, and with an old spinal injury. He was somewhat incontinent and wore diapers and belly bands. His back legs shook a lot and knuckled when he walked. He simply couldn’t do stairs and hated wood and tile floors. Sometimes, I’d pinch his toes and his other foot or his tail would jerk. He was, indeed, a special needs dog. I didn’t realize at first, but he was. I named him Igor, after the movie, Young Frankenstein, as he had a bad eye and funny hobble. Is it Eee-gor? Or Eye-gor? (It’s Eee-gor.) Over the months, and with exercise and love, Igor packed on some weight (healthy weight!), regained control of his bladder, and much of his bowels. There was still the occasional accident, which eventually got worse. But, he would happily play with his toys and snuggle with the other foster pugs. One fall day, the rescue called to tell me he was mine if I wanted him. I literally danced around the living room, while he looked at me like I had 6 heads.

We moved apartments and houses, but no matter what, it was always us two, together. We went to adoption events, we went to the park, we went on nearly-mile-long walks. We went to friends houses, sleep overs, even to the dog friendly bars. We had a holiday cookie party and he dressed up in his finest bow tie. It’s safe to say, Igor was the most handsome date I could ever have. He had his very own collar and special tag made- the greatest gift a man can give a dog. Once, we went to the beach and Igor “swam” in the ocean as the sun set over the horizon. Once, we both dressed up as pirates for a “pirate and pooch” party and won 1st place! He had a bum eye and drunken, wobbly gait, so it was perfect, of course. Igor went to work with me for several months. He slept on his blankie while I manned the phonelines. We even got into a car accident (minor) and while I freaked out, he barked his head off at the officer taking statements. He met my parents (his grammy and grampy) and finally, my brother and his fiancee. They doted on him with treats. At the last rescue event, Igor marched across the stage in the Parade of Rescues, and was interviewed for the local news channel. They posted his handsome, one-eyed, snorting face on the internet for all to see.

In the past few months, Igor started having…digestive issues. I’ll leave it at that for the squeemish crew. His legs seemed a bit weaker and he tired a bit more quickly, but still loved his walks and loved to visit with the neighbor children. I took him to the vet, tried some added fiber. It made perhaps a bit of a difference, but he still had issues. By this time, he’d loss all bowel control again and was wearing a diaper much of the day. Eventually, I noticed that he was starting lose bladder control, as well… Soon enough, he was wearing a disposable diaper to soak it up. Often, he would not even go potty outside, just walk along side me and sniff the grass. One morning, we woke up and took a walk. After, I put him on the porch (as it’s easy to clean up) while I made my coffee. The next thing I saw was Igor scrambling up the step to the kitchen, trying desperately to use his little, old legs to get away from the mess he was making all over the porch. We went back to the vet, and tried medicine this time. His bloodwork seemed ok, but over the next week he still had issues. He even stopped eating much of his food, including the wet food given to me by the vet. He’d lost about 1-1.5 lbs in a month. Then almost another pound in a week. It seemed what was going in, was coming out. Without being used. Yesterday, I took him, and let him go. We snuggled and snuggled, then he had a delicious breakfast of mac n cheese and turkey, and one last trip to the dog park. I held him tight as he passed from this world to the next. I told him about the rainbow bridge, that he should be excited. I know that right now, he is running around with full use of his legs. He can see, he can hear. It’s always sunny with plush, green grass and shady areas to rest and snore for a while when he gets tired. He can eat all the bon bons he wants and never get too fat or too skinny. It’s perfect, and so is Igor.

I’ll never stop missing him. He is more than my dog, but my baby. I love him more than anything else in this world and the next. He never could tell me his story or what was wrong. Where did he come from? Was he hit? Was he abused? Why didn’t the meds work? Was his little body just failing him? Was it cancer? Was he in pain? If he was, he certainly didn’t let me see it. He was content to be with his mama, even if it meant essentially starving. The last gift I could give him was not to let him do that. Not to let him waste away. All I’ll ever know is how loving he was, despite his obviously difficult obstacles to overcome. The only thing he ever gave me was unconditional love, and I can’t help but give it back. He really was a special, special baby that can never be replaced or forgotten. I’m just happy I could help him see the good in this life, before he moved on. And I’ll meet up with him at the Rainbow Bridge.

I love you, Igor,


I adopted Loki in January 2007 right after he turned 6. He had only one eye. Loki was a very sweet boy and grew very attached to me immediately and I fell in love with him. Loki started having seizures two weeks after I brought him home and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Loki was diagnosed with several other medical problems (bladder stones, eye issue, thyroid and severe food allergies) and had several surgeries to fix the problems. Money was no object when it came to my little man. Loki was doing great and was the most lovable, spoiled, stubborn little pug ever. He was a rock star at the vets office and everybody who met Loki loved him. I talked him constantly, he was my son.

On January 2, 2011, Loki woke up in the morning and was not himself. He had a seizure and starting acting strange. He didn’t respond to words that made him bark and run around and he was breathing funny. I rushed him to the doctor and they gave him oxygen and a shot and said I could take him home but he needed to be watched carefully and brought back the following morning. I brought Loki home and laid with him on the bed in my arms and 3 hours later Loki quite breathing and passed away. Loki was a little rock star, everybody who knew Loki loved him and those who didn’t know him personally knew of him. He was and always will be my little angel. I can only hope the four years that I had him were the best four years of his life and that he knew how much he was loved. He is gone but will never be forgotten!! After my heart heals from this loss, I will adopt again and give another pug the life they all deserve because that is what Loki would want.


Buster was surrendered by his owners, who had his best interest at heart. They were not given the best advice on how to care for all of his special needs. He is now with Pug Rescue of Florida, and we will be sure he gets the help he needs. He is blind and deaf. He has some allergies to corn and wheat, some missing fur and a bony growth on his side. In spite of all of that, he is a sweetheart and very smart! He has already figured out how to get to the water bowl, and back to his crate, and is learning my backyard very well! He has not had one accident in the house, and has a healthy appetite. If you come at him slowly, he has no problem enjoying a scratch behind the ears and no problem letting me put his eye and ear drops in. Will you help us give this sweet, deserving boy a chance to heal and feel better, and have a second chance at a healthy life?? We will know more when he sees out vet, and will keep you updated on his progress. With the help of our wonderful vets, we will do all we can to help Buster!
If you have it in your heart to spare a few dollars, even just one, for Buster’s Second Chance Fund, please click the link. It is greatly appreciated!

Update 4/18: Buster has been wonderful. As you know he was kept outside so he had to learn to be comfortable around people again. Since I got him he has stuck to me like glue but at a distance. He likes to lay near my feet. Occasionally I get wet pug kisses on my legs. The day before the surgery was the first time he asked to be picked up. The frequency of that has been slowly increasing. He now asks to join me on the couch for snuggle TV time. Dr. Brown commented on how Buster seems to be coming out of his shell when I took him in for the surgery. Yesterday at the adoption day event he actually wanted me to hold him a lot. I think he was jealous of the attention the other dogs were getting from me. He wagged his tail for the first time yesterday at the event too! I think he liked seeing the other dogs.

Medically he is much better since having the eye out. Prior to surgery he would dive into his bedding trying to scratch that eye. That has stopped now. I think he is much more comfortable. Dr. Brown says with continued meds we may be able to save and even improve some of the sight he has in the “good” eye. So we continue the drops and tears and hope for the best. He has put on a little weight and you can no longer see his ribs.

Over all I think he has done marvelously from where he started in just a month. He would make a wonderful dog for an older person as he is not rambunctious and likes to sleep most of the time in one of his beds or near my feet. He doesn’t ask to be picked up too much which would be good for an older person. He can get around very well and can do the two steps that I have out to my back yard if you let him take it at his own pace. I do have to leash walk him though so he doesn’t walk right off into the pool. He is excellent at holding it until someone comes to take him out. The day Pat and I went to Orlando we were gone from 9:30 am until just before sun down and I had no presents. I was amazed. He learned the wing of the house we stick to very quickly. He is very smart.

Hope this helps get donations to cover his medical bills and prescription food. He is well worth the investment!


Hi-my name is Haley! I am 13 years old and full of life and love! I am only 19 lbs spayed, heartworm negative and UTD on all of my shots. I will be having a dental so my breath is a bit more fresh!! My friends at OPRA say that I am a perfect example of why rescue is here! I was adopted 10 years ago from a shelter and I was turned back in this week because my owners could no longer care for me. I may be in the latter stages of my life, but I have so much love to give a new owner and I deserve that love and care in return! Please put in an application for me today if you think I would be a nice addition to your family. My adoption fee is $100.

Pugsley L.

Pugsley Larson came to  PROoF as a surrender. He was past his usefullness to his owner and he was left for Pug Rescue to find a place for. His place ended up being a foster home in Jacksonville until he went to the Rainbow Bridge two years later. He wasn’t the Pug that people rushed to adopt…he was old, he was incontinent and his mobility was uncertain from one day to the next….but his good nature never faltered. He ate, he slept and never gave any one a moments bother. He loved lying in the warm sun, he loved being held, he loved hearing the words that extolled his many virtues and he loved hearing how handsome he was. Pugsley was one of those perfect Pugs that lived out his life with someone who not only cared for him but loved him. We should all be so lucky. RIP Pugsley.